Tales from Sark’s World: Dauntless

Having recently watched a few BBC series, I think this script could easily be converted into a BBC/ British TV series.

I find that the series created in Britain are of better quality than most American shows. In America, they generally HAVE to have a certain number of episodes for the show to be produced. But in Britain, they can make as few as six episodes for a series. I like the fact that they focus on making a good series, regardless of the number of episodes, instead of worrying if they’ll draw enough interest to warrant more shows, like in America.

Anyways, here is the tagline, logline, pitch and personal notes for another script.




Tagline 1: “For family. For Honor. For Vengeance. Ren MacCallum will be… Dauntless.”

Logline: An estranged son learns of his father’s betrayal at the hands of his close, underworld friend and decides to use his own skills as a hitman to seek vengeance.

Pitch: Dauntless is an action movie about the power of loyalty and family. Ren MacCallum is a miner by day and assassin by night, a profession unintentionally passed down from his father. Estranged from his family, he is called to his father’s death-bed and reminded of his duty to them. He also learns of his father’s betrayal at the hands of Montague, his father’s supposed close friend. Ren goes to New York City and, despite overwhelming odds, fights to regain his father’s name and honor, even if it means facing down some of the worlds most infamous assassins.

Personal Notes: This script came out of a song by Great Big Sea called “The Chemical Worker’s Song (Process Man)”. The feel of the song and the lyrics got this idea in my head of miners and the hell they go through and how it could parallel the life of an assassin. The parallel also works with the family as well. They may not like the work, but they are still proud. Honor and loyalty play an important part in this story, not just between the family but others in an otherwise unseemly business. I envisioned Ewen MacGregor as Ren. The action in the script was inspired by John Woo’s films.

Dauntless Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon


2 thoughts on “Tales from Sark’s World: Dauntless”

  1. The logline needs the word “use” inserted and the “an” should be changed to “a”. Otherwise looks very interesting!

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