Originally, these were character I was going to use within the Infinatum. I still could I guess, but I already have PLENTY of characters for my Infinatum book series.

I really liked these characters, especially the love interest between the main character, Amy, and one of the loner Cloaks, even after he’s disfigured. It is sweet and I enjoyed writing it.

Maybe someday, if my novel writing does well, I’ll re-write this into a book, or maybe even a series of its own.

I just love giving myself more work to do. lol.

So here’s the tagline, logline, pitch and personal notes.




Tagline: “What if everything you knew was a lie. Your life. Your past. Your humanity.”

Logline: A computer hacker, along with awakened cybernetic sleeper agents, seek the answers to their past, while pursued by the organization they are trying to get their information from.

Pitch: Cloaks is a sci-fi adventure about discovering the truth and whether it defines us. While searching for her father, Amy Grudowski found Cloaks. Cybernetic sleeper assassins living seemingly normal lives among the population, waiting for activation. Although controlled by the mysterious Silent Man and his organization, three have slipped their leashes, thanks to Amy. Together, they want answers about who they truly are and where they came from. It is a story of what the truth really means to people, how it can effect us and if it can define who we are.

Personal Notes: This was also an idea I wanted to develop into a comic book. But having a lot of characters in there already, I figured this might be better served as a feature film. I was partly inspired by the Anime “Ghost in the Shell”, as well as the Terminator (obviously), but I wanted to add a basic, average human element. It’s also one of my shorter scripts. It’s lean and tight. Like Psi Storm, I could see sequels to this, or a series.

Cloaks Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon