Tales from Sark’s World: Psi-Storm

One of the last scripts I wrote, on looking back, it was nice to see that I had improved.

My biggest improvement was the depth of the characters, and the texture of the world they lived in. I had a few years creating the Regulators, so it was easy to have that depth. But with Psi-Storm, they were all new characters, and completely over-hauled when I switched them from all Japanese to a mix, throwing in the McQuade character to give the audience an access point.

All of these scripts helped me to develop older characters that I had created for the Infinatum, as well as showing me I could create newer characters with a good mix of cool and flawed inner turmoil to make them interesting.

I just wish I knew how to draw, so I could bring to life, visually. I guess I’ll have to leave all that up to more talented people than I.

Enjoy the tagline, logline, pitch and personal notes.

And if you’ve been reading all these blogs featuring my scripts, thanks a lot. Although I don’t get tons of visits or views, each one of welcomed and appreciated.




Tagline: “A storm is coming.”

Logline: A girl with incredible mental powers, on the run from those who created her, seeks out people she accidentally endowed with their own latent mental powers.

Pitch: Psi-Storm is a superhero-styled action/ drama about a girl named Amaranth, who wields incredible mental abilities. While escaping those that created her, she accidentally unleashed the psionic potential within nearly two hundred people on a passenger jet. Years later, a low-life thug, Shep McQuade, is sent to kill a woman, but stumbles across Amaranth and a small group of people from the jet. Upon meeting, Shep and Amaranth share a connection, one that affects them both deeply. Both needs answers and perhaps a chance at redemption. Together, they become unlikely allies, seeking out other passengers and staying ahead of the secret consortium and their agents, the Advocates.

Personal Notes: Originally, this was an idea I wanted to develop into a comic book that would fit in with the rest of the Infinatum. It featured all Japanese characters and was very heavily influenced by Anime. But the idea of adding the character Shep McQuade into the mix changed the whole dynamic of the story. A sci-fi/comic book style story with a vigillante thrown in. It was also a way to introduce this work of Psionic powered people through the eyes of a normal person. It’s an excellent starting off point for these characters, who have potential to expand and continue in another story or a series.

Psi-Storm Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon


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