A 1009 Word Rant About Barely-Related Things

I have a bunch of my CDs burned onto a portable drive for my listening pleasure. Just burned my copy of Soul Asylum’s “Let Your Dim Light Shine” when I realized I only had “Grave Dancer’s Union” burned.

Which reminded me of a poll I saw on the news. It said that, according to them, 70+% of people still listen to CDs. That just shows how old the people watching this news broadcast are. I’m pretty sure the majority of people don’t listen to CDs anymore. They get their music downloaded and listen on their phone or whatever.

I listen to music on my phone as well, but I got the majority of my stuff via CDs I actually own. I do have a large and growing list of downloaded music, but that is because I can’t afford to buy the music I’d like.

For example, I love movie/ TV show soundtracks. I have over 130 CDs of soundtracks, including movie scores. They are great inspiration/ mood setting for writing. But lately, I’ve been forced to download the odd track from soundtracks, instead of buying the whole thing. I say “forced” because I’m a collector. I like to collect music, movies and books. I like to own them, instead of having utterly deletable files on a computer.

Having a ton of files of music on a computer isn’t a collection of music. It’s a folder of files. Something that can easily be deleted. Something utterly disposable.

But that seems to be the way now. Why keep stuff when you can keep it for a little bit, then get rid of it? Sorta like the food you ate last night. You kept it for a bit, but soon it will pass through and be gone. Everyone gets my analogy!

But it’s not just music, movies, and books. Its everything!

I remember we owned the same TV for nearly 20 years. These days, you’ll be lucky if your TV lasts half that, if not less. Everything isn’t built to last. Its built to work for a little while, become obsolete in a few years, then breakdown.

Apparently, same goes for cars.

How many recalls have there been in the past few years? And it’s not just from the crappy, but loveable American cars, but from the supposedly well-built and dependable foreign cars.  Maybe Toyota and Nissan shouldn’t be built in North America. Maybe the people earning $30+/ hour aren’t on the ball like they used to be. Hell, if I was in a union, earning more in an hour than some people in have a day of work, I wouldn’t be on the ball either. Wouldn’t matter anyways, because the union would cover my lazy ass.

Which reminds me, why is the minimum wage in America so frickin’ low?! Pretty much in every other western country, or first world country, their minimum wage is at least three bucks higher than Americas. Why? WHY!

Another “why” would be “Why is America so fucked up?” Do the Republicans hate the president that much? Is it a black-thing? After all, they were trying to convince everyone he wasn’t born in America (Hawaii is a part of America Donald Trump!). Failing that, they tried to make him Muslim… for some stupid reason. Why does his being Muslim have to do with ANYTHING! There are fanatics in ALL religions! Ever since Reagan helped his corporate buddies and screwed Joe Average, it has been down hill. Please, for the love of whatever god you want, fix your shit!

As for things that need fixing, the NFL would be one for “Pimp My League”. How many NFL players have been charged with criminal offenses more serious than a traffic ticket? Google it! Have a look. I’ll wait.


See! A lot eh! It seems they let a lot of bad stuff slide. Ray Rice knocks his wife unconscious, no biggie. How many others haven’t even made the press? Probably a lot. According to the Internet (which knows everything), 30% of NFL players have committed criminal offenses. In the NHL: 15%. The CFL…

Oh, ok, the CFL, The Canadian Football League. They play on a bigger field, have one less down, and play because they want to play, not because of huge salaries that distort their self-worth and make them into giant, wife-beating assholes. The CFL had no stats on players with criminal offenses, but there have been a few. So maybe like 1%.

FYI: Ottawa just got back a CFL team! The Redblacks! *insert your snarky comments here* Done? Ok. They have a lot of potential. But for some reason, they aren’t making it as well as I’d like. Yet their home games keep selling out. At least, given time, they’ll improve. Until then, here’s my advice…

1. Catch the ball.


3. Give the quarterback time to do something instead of running or being sacked.

4. See “2.”

I didn’t think I’d become a recycling Nazi, but apparently I am. There are so many ways to get rid of crap without dumping it in the garbage. I’m not just talking about plastics, glass, metal, and paper. Anything you own and don’t want can go somewhere else. The dump has become a last resort. If you don’t recycle stuff, you’re not a bad person. You’re just fuckin lazy!

On the flip side of that, I don’t compost because…

1. garbage dogs would be into that in a second.

2. Bears. There are bears around here, and THEY would be into that in a second. And as much as you yell at a bear, it doesn’t stop mauling you.

3. If not biodegradable went to the dump, then nothing would breakdown. The dump ducks and rats would starve. I’d rather feed dump ducks and rats far away, than feed bears in my yard.

I know people love dogs. Dogs are nice, in a dumb-friend-who-doesn’t-leave-you-alone type of way. But lets face it, cats rule. Proof? Goto YouTube and type in “Cat videos”, then clear that and enter “Dog videos”. The result: Just over 41 million cat videos to Dogs 37 million. Cats rule! Nuff said.


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