Sark on Leaked Nude Celebrity Pics

In the past few months, a few female celebrities have faced embarrassment over hacked and leaked nude photos of themselves appearing on Google and numerous other websites and blogs.

Marty Singer, a lawyer hoping to milk Google of millions, has attacked Google for not acting in his clients (which he hasn’t named) best interests, despite the fact that Google is a search engine. Although they don’t control the material they find, they can ensure unwanted pictures are not added to their results page, despite how many horny morons want to see nudie pics of famous people.

It seems quite valiant of this lawyer, especially when he says the following in his letter to Google…

“If your wives, daughters or relatives were the victims of such blatant violations of basic human rights, surely you would take appropriate action.”

Very true, no doubt. But I wonder if Singer would be so virtuous and help some teenaged girl from Montana who got duped into posting nude pictures of herself. Obviously not. Whoever his client are, they are paying for his righteousness and posturing.

But let’s get to the point of all this, nude pictures people take of themselves.

Why the hell are you doing that?!

Jon Stewart, who I usually agree with on most things, was only half right about this. He said it is people’s rights to take nudie pics of themselves. And he is absolutely right. It is also people’s rights to send those pics to their iCloud or whatever they store their pics on. It is also people’s rights to send those same nudie pics to people they are dating, in a relationship with, someone they are dating, or even just having an affair with.

The problem with sending such things to others is that if the relationship ends, or they have a weak moral center, anything you send will not be secret or hidden for long.

In the case with these celebrities, their personal accounts were hacked and the pics stolen.

If they didn’t have those pics, then none of this would have happened.

I know what some of you are saying…

“It’s my right to put nude pics of myself on my iCloud or whatever!”

or my current fav…

“What you are saying is making my thoughts invalid, therefore you are a typical male asshole.”


Here is my point. You have every right to drink as much alcohol as you want. You can drink and drink until you pass out. That is your right. But maybe it isn’t a good idea to do that. You can eat as much pizza as you want. Feel free to shovel it into your maw. But when you get to the point of feeling sick, or throwing up, you might think that it wasn’t a good idea.

Get it? Just because you have the right to do something, doing mean that you shouldn’t. Maybe listening to your common sense might make you think twice about doing something that could lead to disaster.

Now, lets step into the shoes of Jennifer Lawrence for a few seconds…

Ok, I’m a globally known actress, a part of two different movie franchises (X-Men and Hunger Games). People are constantly taking pics of me and, if I Google myself before my nude pics got out, I’d find these morons making fake nude pics of me. Therefore, there must be a group of sickos out there who would do whatever they could to get genuine nude pics of me. So maybe taking nude pics of myself and uploading them to some etherial database in a cloud or something, may not be the best idea. While I’m at it, I’ll ensure my passwords for all my online stuff has top-notch codes.

In conclusion…

1. If you are John or Jane Average, the likelihood of your nudie pics getting hacked is slim, but still possible.

2. If you are a huge celebrity, or any celebrity, the likelihood of you nudie pics getting hacked are much higher.

3. If you send nudie pics to anyone, you are probably screwed and will end up embarrassed… em-bare-assed! 🙂

4. Just because you can take nekked selfies, doesn’t mean you should.

5. It is your right to take nude pics of yourself. It is also your right to be a moron, with no fore-thought of the potential consequences.


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