Letters to… Car Makers, Social Media Haters, Disney, & “Holidays”

Dear Car Makers,

You guys are putting a lot of new do-dads into your cars! Back-up cameras, blind-spot detection, collision alert, even the ability for the car to parallel park itself!

In short, you are creation a generation who will have even less driving skills than they do now! If all these people continually trust all these features, what happens when something they have become accustomed to fails? And they will fail. Have you seen the recent spat of recalls?

Imagine the headlines; Mother and Children Killed Changing Lanes on Highway, Cause Pile-Up

The reason? Well, she had that blind-spot detector, but since it didn’t indicate anything there, she changed lanes… right into a tractor-trailer carrying steel beams.

Humans are pretty lazy, when you break it down. If they get used to technology doing something for them, then they get lazy. They become reliant on that technology. But even the best technological creations can fail. It doesn’t even have to involve the technology failing. How many used cars have been sold that didn’t have all those bells and whistles working properly? How many of those cars had working sensors when purchased, but soon failed and, since the person who bought the car bought it used, they aren’t going to be Johnny-on-the-spot to fix it.

In about 20 years, give or take a few years, there will be a generation of drivers who NEED this technology to drive, who will rely on it. They will have gotten so used to it that they won’t be able to parallel park themselves, change lanes without panicking, or be startled from their cell phones or tablets when their collision alert doesn’t alert them.

Actually, that last example, the person won’t just be startled, they’ll probably be dead.


An actual driver


Dear Popular Music Artists,

I have no clue who most of you are.

Thankfully, I don’t really care. I can always listen to good music that isn’t you. Occasionally, I’ll discover someone new that is actually cool.

Otherwise, I’m too old, and your too… meh.


A guy just getting older


Dear Social Media Haters,

Why be hatin’?

No one is forcing you to be on Facebook, Twitter, Ello, Google+, or whatever. Yet you constantly complain about people leaving what you see as moronic posts.

So here are three ways to fix your problem and eliminate a great deal of grief from your life.  With Facebook being so prominent, I’ll use it as an example, but I hope there are similar means on different social media sites.

1. Find a way to stop seeing an annoying person’s post. On Facebook, this means “unfollowing” them. When you friend someone, you also follow them. If you unfollow them, you won’t see their posts in your timeline.

2. Use social media responsibly. I have a friend who, for the longest time, didn’t have a Facebook account. Honestly, I was proud of him. But he eventually relented. But thankfully, he has stayed true and not become a blathering idiot on there. He pops on once in a blue moon, probably. But otherwise, he has the strength and resolve to not get sucked into it all. The cool thing is, despite our difference in frequency of social media use, we still stay in touch, BBM, and get together for actual face-time (as in hanging out in real life), which I find much more rewarding.

3.  Get off social media! Like I said before, no one is forcing you to be on there. If it bothers you that much, leave! If you stay on and quietly bitch and complain about all the people, your supposed “friends”, and their irritating posts about their dogs, hockey, having spicy Thai for dinner, or whatever else pisses you off, leave! There are people who actually enjoy social media. We don’t need whiners ruining it for the rest of us.


Someone with a Love/Hate relationship with social media


Dear Disney,

A tip of the hat to all things Marvel. So far, so good. Just let them keep doing what they do.

A wag of the finger to you with regards to Star Wars. “The Force Awakens”?! Argh! Another Pirates of the Caribbean sequel?! Does Johnny Depp jump a shark in this one?

Your score is 1 out of 3.

Do better.


Fanboys everywhere.


Dear “Holidays”,

I keep hearing about this mysterious “holidays” that seem to be approaching, and I have started to wonder just what it is?

Was it the American Thanksgiving? Hanukkah? Christmas? Or maybe it is that Festivus thing from Seinfeld! Whatever this “holiday”, it must be close, because I saw advertisements in the stores before Halloween! Now they are on TV, in the newspaper, and jammed into the store flyers.

It is kinda creepy to not know what this impending “holiday” is. Maybe its something a little less known, like “Guru Tegh Bahadur martyrdom”, part of the Sikh faith.   Could be “Day of the Covenant”, part of the Baha’i faith. Or maybe the Buddhist Rohatsu-Bodhi Day. There’s the Wicca/Pagan celebration of Yule. Even Zarathosht Diso, the Death of Prophet Zarathushtra, for Zoroastians.

Maybe all these retailers should just pull their collective heads outta their asses and call it what it is. If they want more customers to come in, do a little research into who shops there and add a sign or two about Hanukkah or another important day in someone else’s religious calendar.

Just don’t pussy out and call it a fuckin’ “holiday”.


A Christmas person, who would dig some more diversity, and less ignorance.


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