Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To The Movies I Go!

For the past few years, my funds have been limited by lack of employment and resources. This has meant that my favourite time of year, movie-wise, has also been limited to a few movies that I’ve really wanted to see, instead of all the movies I’ve wanted to see.

Not any more!

Thanks to regular, gainful employment, I will be going to the movies as often as I want, not “only when I can afford it”.

In honour of this return to happy fun movie time, I thought I’d talk about the movies I’ve marked down as the ones I want to see this summer.


First up, Avengers: Age of Ultron! The fact that the movie is written and directed by Joss Whedon makes it pretty much awesome right there, but Marvel seems to be on an unstoppable roll when it comes to their movies (I say “seems” because of Ant-Man, which I will get to soon enough).

I find it funny that Marvel puts out movies featuring unlikely characters and heroes, a la Guardians of the Galaxy, while DC/ Warner struggles to get Superman and Batman’s shit together to make one movie. Marvel’s bubble may eventually burst, but for now, they continue to make DC/ Warner look like a bunch of unorganized monkeys slinging poo, hoping something sticks.


Two weeks after the Avengers: Age of Ultron comes the movie that, honestly, I’ve been most excited about, Mad Max: Fury Road. Mad Max has been a staple of my movie favs since I was a kid. Even Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, although lacking Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior’s grit and brutality, was still a wicked movie. Tom Hardy takes over for Mel Gibson, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have minded Mel going on more round.

The best thing about this new Mad Max movie is who’s directing it. Yup, George Miller has set aside his dancing penguins and talking pigs to bring back that visceral, brutal postapocalyptic world that has spawned so many imitators. From the trailers, this new movie looks sooo awesome, it reminds me of the first time I saw Mad Max and The Road Warrior. I was a little freaked out, stunned and stoked to watch it again!


On May 22nd, a totally different movie in tone, Tomorrowland hopes to bring back the wonder that we once saw as the future. Directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocols) and starring George Clooney, it still seems like a mysterious and wondrous movie about a world of tomorrow right next door to us all. From what I’ve read, it reminds of us a time when we looked towards the future with an optimism that has long since been squashed by movies like Mad Max and the Terminator. But being a dreamer, this one looks cool.


A week later, San Andreas hits theatres. From the trailers it looks to try and out-destruct the movie “2012”. California seems to get seriously smashed, with Paul Giamatti threatening much worse. Despite his larger-than-life persona in movies like “Furious 7”, I’m looking forward to seeing Dwayne Johnson as a “normal guy”.

I’ve liked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson since he was a wrestler, but I really dug him when he showed he could do movies. “The Rundown” is a great little action flick, even “Walking Tall” shows off his human side. He’s the only reason I gave that G.I. Joe sequel a chance. It sucked, but he was ok.



On June 12th, Jurassic World, the really-long awaited return to “Jurassic Park” hit theatres. It seems John Hammond’s dream is a reality and people can now see real-live dinosaurs in a zoo-like setting. Thankfully, nothing goes well and people get eaten. But it seems that this time, the raptors might be on the good guys side as they fight a brainy new T-Rex Version 2.0. Although “Jurassic Park III” wasn’t popular, I still liked it, so I’m pretty sure I’ll like this, especially when all hell breaks loose. Maybe Chris Pratt will challenge the new T-Rex to a dance-off!

On Canada Day (July 1st), Terminator: Genisys hits the screens, trying to erase the memory of that so-close-to-good sequel, “Terminator: Salvation”. It seems that this time, the rules that have governed the past movies gets tossed out. Arnie is back and his Terminator self looks… old? Sarah Connor is already a bad-ass when Kyle Reese comes to save her? And why is there a T-1000 there? Honestly, I was skeptical about all this, especially with the “Genisys” title. But having seen the two trailers, I’m kinda curious to see what the hell is going on!


July 17th unleashes Ant-Man upon us. This is where the whole “Marvel seems to be on an unstoppable” thing comes in. Now people were unsure about “Guardians of the Galaxy” before it came out. But in that case, the trailers made it look awesome. With Ant-Man, the first trailer was a little lacking on Pow! and Bang! But the new trailer is more interesting. This movie may be the one that shows Marvel can’t make a huge hit every time. But I’m still going to see it, and hopefully proved wrong!


There’s another Mission: Impossible movie coming out. The only thing going for this is director Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote and directed “The Way of the Gun”, a very cool little movie, and “Jack Reacher”, which could have been crap, but he made it entertaining. Lets hope he makes this mission cool too.


August 7th bring a rebooted Fantastic Four movie. Although it looks a little more serious and interesting than the original, after watching the new trailer, I think they screwed up one thing, The Thing. One of the negatives about the original Fantastic Four movies was that The Thing wasn’t as big as he was in the comics. But once I saw Michael Chiklis as The Thing, I over-looked everything else. He was great. Nuff said.

Now, with a CG Thing, they could have made him look exactly like he does in the comics! But he doesn’t! He looks like the rock guy from Planet Hulk! These guys have tons of tools and toys at their disposal to bring The Thing to life! Look at what was done with Caesar in the new Planet of the Apes movies! Incredible stuff. Yet this new Thing looks… kinda lame. I’m not even gonna mention the fact that the guy playing Reed Richards looks waay too nerdy, if that’s possible. Hopefully it will be better than I expect.


There may be others movies I go see, like “Ted 2”, Russell Crowes’ directorial debut “The Water Diviner”, “Ex Machina”, and any other smaller, cool films that may have originally escaped my attention. But one thing is for sure, I will be there early to watch the previews, and when the lights go out and the screen flickers to life, I will be in my happy place.

Happy Movie-going!


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