The Opportunistic Objector

The recent tragic earthquake in Nepal has once again rallied the nations of the world to send what money and resources they have to help these people in their time of need. Footage and news from the area shows incredible devastation, human loss, and a genuine need for help. It has happened before, and it will happen again. As humans, despite our flaws, we can be a generous people. Even those who don’t donate can spread the word and offer moral support. Everyone gives in their own way.

But when events like this occur, there are some who post things like this, that I found on Facebook…














There are parts of this that I agree with. Our troops and vets don’t get what they deserve from the government. But last time I checked, our elderly get their medicines, and our mentally ill get treatment. Our system isn’t perfect, but this post seems to indicate it is terrible. As for the whole “we have to press “1” to speak English”, as far as I can tell, that’s a shot at our diversity, which just shows that the original creator of this post is a tool.

But I want to focus on the part that states “we donate billions to other countries before helping our own.”

A part of me agrees with that statement. There is a lot of problems with our country. The top one, the homeless problem, is a very real and terrible one. With the rising cost of everything as well, more and more people are not getting by. More people have been going to food cupboards. More people are living below the poverty line. More people are putting themselves in deep debt that they can’t escape from, so they lose everything. It is something that is a constant in this country, and many others, that should be dealt with.

But here’s where my agreement with that statement varies. The homeless problem, many of the problems in our country (I’ll lump in Canada, the United States, and other so-called “First World” countries together for this one) are problems that didn’t suddenly happened. They have existed for decades. Other problems, like the lack of proper help for our troops and vets, is something stemming from the current and previous governments messing with the system, or the system not being able to deal with the new challenges. The problems also result from various governments not doing enough to help.

The earthquake in Nepal, the tsunami in Indonesia, flooding in Asia, wherever there is a tragic event that ruins the lives of so many people, how can we, as a human race, say “No, I’m not going to help because some homeless people have to live in shelters.” Do these people not realize that people in, for example, Nepal have no shelters at all? What shelters they may have, they are afraid to go back in case an aftershock brings it down on their heads! Homeless people here have access to food and water via soup kitchens. People in Nepal may have nothing. Many homeless people have turned their backs on family and friends who have tried to reach out to them, either out of pride or mental illness. Some people in Nepal have no one. Their families may all be dead.

I’m not trying to minimize homelessness. I just used it as an example. Homelessness is a disease of our society, where emphasis is put on success, wealth, and material things. Many who can’t achieve these things become disillusioned, lost, homeless. It is something that needs to be fixed by the system, via our government and its officials. I always say that charity starts at home. But that shouldn’t mean we ignore people in need because our governments and those in power haven’t done their jobs as well as we’d like and fixed a systemic problem.

Events like in Nepal and others are sudden, brutal, destructive, and deadly. The help we give them shouldn’t be a never-ending stream. It is temporary aid, to help a nation and its people survive and rebuild.

People who believe, in such events, that they must remind us of our own problems, are opportunistic and unsympathetic. They don’t really care about the things they mention. If they did, they would be fairly constant in their opinions, and would still show some compassion for others who suffer sudden tragedies.

The post ends by saying “Have the guts to re-post this? 1% will, 99% won’t have the nerve. I had the guts… will you…

First off, I HATE manipulative shit like this, goading and guilt-tripping readers, then boasting how they had the guts. Its childish crap like this reminds me of chain letters and emails.

If the original creator had real guts, they would have donated to the homeless shelters, to organizations helping troops and vets, AND for aid to Nepal.

Spreading this negativity does nothing to help any of them.



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