The Meh Generation

There were a few things I recently witnessed that gave me the fuel to write this blog.


The first one was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mean Tweets. For those not in the know, Jimmy has celebrities read actual tweets from actual people on Twitter that are mean to the celebrity. Most just laugh it off, while others either acted upset, or showed that they were miffed.

Many of the mean tweets were pretty funny, because it showed just how derogatory and pointless they were, thus revealing the simple-minded individual behind them. But to me, it also showed something else that plays into the second thing that inspired me to write this blog.


For nearly a year now, there has been this thing going around where people run up behind reporters doing a live, or recorded, bit for news and saying “F**k her right in the P*ssy.” I’ve seen numerous videos on YouTube of this being done to female reporters, as well as a few males too. When I first saw the videos, I thought is was so random and odd, I had to laugh. But events this week made me realize this was an actual “thing” people did.

Recently, at a Toronto FC soccer game, a CityNews reporter, Shauna Hunt, had one of these people come up and say that while she was doing a spot. But, having dealt with many assholes in her career, she decided to confront this tool and his buddies about what they did. The tool in question, one Shawn Simoes, said it was ok, that it was done in Britain, that everyone was doing it. When asked if his mother would approve, being that this occurred on Mother’s Day, Simoes said she would “laugh, eventually”. He also told the reporter that she was lucky they didn’t have a vibrator.

On the bright side, since Hunt’s confrontation with Simoes was broadcast, he and those involved have been banned for one year from all Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment events, including Toronto FC soccer, NBA Raptors basketball, and Toronto Maple Leaf games. Simoes also lost job as an assistant engineer, which earned him a six-figure salary at the provincial energy company due to his actions.


Over the past few weeks, there have been two vehicles parked in the lane-way of where I live. Both have seen better days, but still had some worth to them. But, over the span of two weekends’ worth of partying, they have been smashed, wrecked to the point of being only good for scrap metal, which may be a lot less tan what they could have been worth. The reason they were smashed? Boredom on the part of a group of drunken kids.. I mean, “young adults”.

Now I can remember MANY parties that were had by my brother and his friends, many of whom got quite drunk. Yet I can’t recall any of their cars being smashed and beaten with baseball bats.


These three things, among many others, make me wonder… what the hell is wrong with people?!

I wish it was just the younger people who were doing stupid shit like I’ve mentioned. But it isn’t. Its like this age, everyone has become part of what I call the “Meh Generation”.

Google defines “Meh” as an informal exclamation.
1. expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm.
2. uninspiring; unexceptional.

I could add that it also refers to people who are dullards, who couldn’t give a crap about anything, or have no disregard for anything or anyone.

It’s as if, in the age of social media, people don’t care what they say because they can say it online. If they can say it about someone famous, then more people will see it, and those people will become celebrities as well! Reality TV is also to blame for these people wanting to be famous for no good reason. The next step up from bad-mouthing celebrities on Twitter is to appear in a YouTube video, saying something you think is funny, like “F**k her right in the p*ssy!” Ooo! Clever! Now you’re an idiot on a global scale!

It may also be part of the social media mentality, that “Meh” mentality, that allows people to use it to bully others online. They post and comment things they wouldn’t say to people’s faces, thanks to that anonymity. They don’t know anything about dealing with people properly, face-to-face. All they know is what they see on their iPhones. If they can’t deal with people in the real world, they lack that certain level of respect, compassion, and awareness.

Its like, that little voice that tells you what you should and shouldn’t do. Well, if your face has been buried in social media, then so has that little voice, and there’s little that voice can do to help you. Add to that the disposable lifestyle that encompasses us all these days, filled with downloadable songs, movies, TV shows, etc., where nothing has a real, substantial, physical value, and you have a group of people, young and old, who are shadows of the previous generations.

If you are reading this and thinking I should get off my high horse before I’m yanked down, I am speaking from experience. I have been an asshole to those around me, and apologized. I am by no means perfect, but acknowledging these flaws and trying to do something about them makes me one step ahead of those like Shawn Simoes, those who mean tweet, and those who have no respect for things.

Maybe when those of the Meh Generation acknowledge their… “Meh-ness”, maybe the Meh Generation will be no more.


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