Letter to… Pregnancy Haters, Election Attack Ads, The Fantastic Four reboot, Ashley Madison, etc.

Dear Pregnancy Haters,

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Just today, I heard about this TV Meteorologist in Boston who got negative emails about her being pregnant on the air. The emails were very unflattering and mean. Sad thing is, when I went to look up the story online, I discovered another pregnant TV Meteorologist out in British Columbia’s Global television had received equally negative letters.

Like her Boston counterpart, Global’s Kristi Gordon went on the air to confront these people. The examples of these people’s words showed what kind of people they were. Gordon was called “gross” and that the viewer who had sent the letter had changed the channel. They also said her “front end looks like the Hindenburg, and (her) rear end looks like a brick (bleeping) house”. Others just suggested she should “Cover-up” and she “shouldn’t be showing that bump.”

Sadly, in this day and age, sniveling cowards find their voice via the internet and social media. If they wanted to criticise her style of doing the weather, or didn’t like her personality, then ok, I can sorta understand that. Personally, I’ve never seen her do the weather, but having had some training in TV broadcasting, I know that people don’t get to do that job easily. In short, she must be decent enough at her job.

But to verbally assault her for her pregnancy?! I repeat my opening sentence, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

To quote the 90’s rock band Extreme, “If you don’t like what you see here, get the funk out.” Feel free to turn the channel, or better yet, go out in the middle of the street and mock every person walking by. Point and laugh at fat kids, or people of a different colour. Don’t hide behind a computer, let your idiotic brilliance take flight… so someone can punch your lights out.

You dick.


The human race.


Dear Kristen Bell,

Saw you in the movie “Fanboys”. How could Windows NOT fall for ya right away?! Guess he didn’t know you were an awesome marshmallow.

Silly fool.


VMars Kickstarter movie funder


Dear People on Ashley Madison,

When you went on a site whose sole purpose was to find cheaters to cheat with, did you not once think that this is probably a bad idea? Even if you were “just curious”, it doesn’t matter! You created a profile on a website that brings cheating bastards together with cheating bitches who aren’t mature or brave enough to confront their spouses and say “maybe we need to talk about our marriage/ relationship”.

Plus, have you seen the super cheesy ads they have?! That should have been a big warning that this isn’t a good idea.


Common Sense


Dear Political Parties, RE: Negative Election Ads,

I know the American political parties are masters of the negative ad campaigns. They even get other groups to make the attack ad campaigns so they don’t need to endorse them, thus keeping their names supposedly clean.

This is of course bullshit because you know somewhere, somehow, they have a hand in those ads.

Up here in Canada, our election campaigns for our Prime Minister don’t run for years like the American ones, but this year, our current PM, Stevie Harper, decided to run the longest election campaign since the turn of last century (70+ days, instead of the usual 30+ days). I won’t go into the fact that this will cost taxpayers twice a much as elections usually cost, but what is driving up the wall are the attack ads being broadcast.

PM Harper’s Conservatives kicked it off months before the official re-election even started. Why? Because they are afraid they’ll lose, bad. This was also the most likely reason why many of the PM’s higher-ups jumped ship. But what is worse is that the official opposition, the NDP (New Democratic Party) are also running attack ads.

Years ago, the NDP was run by this guy named Jack Layton. He seemed like a decent guy, and he took the NDP from a third-tier party, to official opposition, shocking pundits and everyone else. Thing is, everyone liked him. He seemed like a good guy. One reason he seemed that way was because he didn’t run attack ads. He had election ads that talked about positive things, and what his party wanted to do. Honestly, everyone felt like he was a breath of fresh air, and that probably helped him do so well.

Sadly, he died not long after seeing his party’s success. Now that there’s new guy in charge, Thomas Mulcair, and he is running the ad campaign like a politician, with attack ads.

I suspect Jack Layton wouldn’t too happy about that, and I, for one, would agree with him. Attack ads during an election, where they only talk about how bad the other guy is, just seems to damn childish! How about focusing on what makes you a better choice, than how badly the other guy did, or will do.


Fed Up


Dear 20th Century Fox & Josh Trank,

As far as I’m concerned, you both screwed up the Fantastic Four movie.

Trank thinks he had a great version of the FF that no one will ever see. Well, that sounds like ego talking, the ego of a youngster who was given too much too soon.

20th Century Fox, you let this shit happen! You let a guy with one decent movie under his belt take a hold of a franchise that you know Marvel can do so much better with. Did you guys learn nothing from Gavin Hood directing X-Men Origins: Wolverine?!

Give the FF back to Marvel and continue to make good X-Men movies. Do that before someone gets hurt.


People Who Knew the Rebooted FF would Suck Before it Came Out


Dear Those Who Would Make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel Movie,

Puh-leeeeze! Do this!


All the Cool People


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