Sark on Things Tom T. Hall Loves

I grew up listen to country music. No, not the crap that passes as country music today, I mean REAL country music. Back then, country music artists wore cowboy boots, hats, or shirts, or a combination of all those things. They played fiddles and steel guitars. Their songs spoke to a simpler time, about hard-working people, and told stories of the average person living the rural life.

One of my favourite songs was called simply “I Love”. It was done by a gentleman named Tom T. Hall. He also had another song called “Ballad of a Switch-blade Knife” which contains one of my all-time favourite lines, “If it has a switch-blade knife, salute it!”

But this blog is going to be about his song “I Love”, sorta. If you wanna see him in a video singing the song, look on YouTube for “Tom T Hall I Love”, or use this link…

Here are the lyrics for the song…

“I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks
Slow-movin’ trains and rain
I love little country streams, sleep without dreams
Sunday school in May and hay
And I love you, too

I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends
Birds of the world and squirrels
I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups
Old TV shows and snow
And I love you, too

I love honest, open smiles, kisses from a child
Tomatoes on the vine and onions
I love winners when they cry, losers when they try
Music when it’s good and life
And I love you, too.”

Since my recent blogs have been political or kinda serious, I thought I’d go through one of my favourite songs and dissect it for shits and giggles.

I love…

baby ducks: Sure, they are cute and great play-things/ snacks for other animals!

old pickup trucks: Newer pick-up trucks are too refined. Old pick-up trucks aren’t, so old ones are better.

Slow-movin’ trains: Probably better than fast-moving ones, cause WHAM! Plus, no slow-moving trains, no Trainspotting.

rain: Yeah, rain, storms and so on, are cool.

little country streams: We called it a creek, but some might have called it a stream maybe. It was the cool place to go down to, especially since I wasn’t allowed.

sleep without dreams: The kind of sleep that is deep and makes the night pass quick, and makes you wake up refreshed and feeling alive. If you wake up feeling dead, you’re a zombie. But they are quite popular now!

Sunday school in May: I never went to Sunday school at any time of the year, but I hear good things.

hay: Jumping and playing in loose hay is waaay better than those ball pits at McDonald.

leaves in the wind: In the Summer, during a strong wind, the sound of the leaves is like the breath of life of the earth. In the Fall, when the leaves are whipped around by the wind, is Summer final dance before the winter’s cold.

pictures of my friends: I don’t have a lot of pictures of my friends, but the ones I do have, I treasure.

Birds of the world: Esthetically, they are beautiful, but I also think “they used to be Dinosaurs!” which I find immensely cool.

squirrels: They are the daredevils of the North American forests and suburbs. Annoying, opportunistic, crazy. I dig ’em.

coffee in a cup: I don;t drink coffee, but from what I hear from my fellow writer/ blogger extraordinaire SinD Roy, it is bliss. Sooo, it would be like Coca-Cola for me.

little fuzzy pups: awwww puppies!

Old TV shows: They take me back to those days, especially the ones when I was a little kid. Once Upon a Time… Man, Dr. Snuggles, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Battle of the Planets, Knight Rider, Rocket Robin Hood, Hercules… etc.

snow: From sometime in November until mid-January, yeah. After that, no.

honest, open smiles: These can be very few are far between, but they can make all the difference in the world.

kisses from a child: Yeah, I miss those from my nieces and nephews.

Tomatoes on the vine: Does ketchup count?

onions: Oh ya! Red onions! Green onions! They taste good and make me fart! Hahaha, sorry.

winners when they cry: Especially when they are the under-dogs and stun everyone with a win. That is the best.

losers when they try: The under-dog who doesn’t win, but is glad to have been there. They know the true meaning of sportsmanship.

Music when it’s good: Love, love LOVE music! It strikes a chord, makes you feel a certain way, bring you closer to friends and total strangers.

life: One of the reasons I’m always ranting a rambling is because I love life. When people throw their lives away so carelessly, either from depression or some misguided religious/ political reason.  When people show no thought or compassion for those around them. When people put something of less importance (money, fame, etc.) above life. Those people infuriate me! And it seems to be mostly a “first-world problem”. Many people who come from nothing and make something of themselves usually have a better appreciation of life. Those who potentially have access to anything are usually the ones who don’t seem to appreciate the simplest things, including life, and the things mentioned above.

And I love you, too: There are those in my life who I love dearly, even if we don;t always agree on the same things, or don’t talk as often, or as clearly as we once did. There are friends, some who have known me for far too long, some I know from college, and some I’ve met online. I love their friendship, and cherish them.

As for everyone else, I thank them for reading, whether they liked it or not.


One thought on “Sark on Things Tom T. Hall Loves”

  1. Country music really isn’t a genre I care for (new or old), but I can appreciate this song and the simplicity of older music. I love Standards for the same reason – Nat, Frank, Ella etc. I remember my dad singing this one and that’s always a good memory!

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