The Fall of the American Empire

“The Roman Empire lost the strengths that had allowed it to exercise effective control; modern historians mention factors including the effectiveness and numbers of the army, the health and numbers of the Roman population, the strength of the economy, the competence of the Emperor, the religious changes of the period, and the efficiency of the civil administration. Increasing pressure from “barbarians” outside Roman culture also contributed greatly to the collapse.”

From Wikipedia’s page “Fall of the Western Roman Empire”

I wonder if those living within Roman Empire, and just beyond its borders, knew that its fall was imminent? Did they see signs of its failure long before even those living within its borders, or closer to the city centers? Were those that lived there oblivious to its decline because they were preoccupied by other things?

I wonder about this because I also wonder if Americans know that the fall of their once great empire is near?

Sounds doomsday-ish and all apocalyptic-y, but there may be some sad, and shocking truth to what I say. In the above quote from Wikipedia, I underlined some of the things that may be happening, or may yet happen, that may lead to something dire on the horizon.


“the health and numbers of the Roman population”: Obamacare was sorta put through, and sorta works, but it isn’t helping enough. If a Republican gets in, you know it may all be undone anyways. So why don’t Americans want to be healthy? The simple answer is “Socialism”. For some reason, that word alone scares the crap out of the American people. They fear losing control of their God-given right to suffer needlessly, pay insanely high prices to get healthy, or be put so far in debt because of their health issues that they need to work 2 or 3 jobs to almost make ends meet.

If Americans don’t want to live like that, they’ll leave the country. If they are broke, they’ll do something illegal, probably with a gun, because guns seem to be easier to get than decent health care. If they aren’t caught and thrown in jail, they’ll be shot and killed, or kill a bunch of other people, either by accident, or on purpose because their destitute life has affected them mentally.

So, either people leave the country, reducing the population, or they die or are killed.


“the strength of the economy”: Things seem to be ok for now, but it wasn’t that long ago when the housing market crashed. The biggest banks in the country failed. People lost everything. People were kicked out of the homes. In a Capitalistic society, which American has become, if something fails, it is for a reason, whether it be lack of consumer interest or mismanagement. In this case, greed and stupidity (aka mismanagement). Yet, the US Government did the un-Capitalistic thing and gave all these failing banks and businesses money, tons of money, average Americans’ tax money, to save these bloated businesses, who promptly gave their higher-ups bonuses and saved their own asses instead of the company.

Why were they saved? Because many people who used to work in the US Government now work on Wall Street. You scratch my back, and I’ll screw the American people and the country out of everything. Greed is good, for those who already have it all. But when a country still has an average minimum wage of less than $10/ hour, forcing people to have multiple jobs or turn to illegal means to make their payments on multiple credit cards and loans, it needs the greedy, wealthy 1% to keep the economic wheels turning.

The only hope for the average Americans to live a normal life before Ronald Reagan screwed everything up is to win a Powerball, become famous (or infamous), or sell their souls like the twats on reality TV. They can do that, if they can afford it… which they probably can’t.


“the competence of the Emperor”: Current polls reveal that Donald Trump has a good chance of becoming the GOP candidate, and even challenging an actual politician for the election of the President of the United States.

That is probably the most frightening thing I have ever heard.

The second most frightening thing is how people are following this bloated, ignorant, bigoted, richest-of-the-rich jackass! People who are barely getting by support a guy who used every loophole available to him to pay probably less taxes than they do. Proud Americans cheer him on as he wipes his ass with the American Constitution, tossing aside the things that made America one of the greatest countries in the world.

Remember when America was a beacon of hope and salvation for people around the world? Not any more, especially if you’re Muslim.

If those that hate Trump think he’s terrible now, what will he be like if he actually gets to a place of power? What if… what if he actually become President of the United States of America? How long until he unleashes World War III?


“the religious changes of the period”: In the 21st century, religion is still a problem. People are judged, persecuted, and killed for it. But unlike Roman, it isn’t the Christians who are persecuted, but the Muslims. Thanks to extremists, and 9/11, many Americans still live in fear. ISIS hasn’t helped, using social media and the internet to radicalize the most downtrodden of western society into jihadists.

The sad thing is, many of those who are radicalized are the ones who have lost faith in the country they live in. The persecution of their beliefs, the apathy of society, and the socio-economic struggles they face certainly didn’t help. It probably made their choice to turn against their country a lot easier. When people are at their lowest and weakest is when they are most susceptible to exterior influences.

Americans may not have purposefully made jihadists at home, but it certainly didn’t do much to prevent it.


“the efficiency of the civil administration”: The collapse of the housing market in 2007, which affected the world markets, was caused by two things: greed and stupidity. Without proper government oversight, the housing bubble grew to a point where it had to collapse, taking everything down with it.

But “proper government oversight” sounds almost like “socialism”! And if we remember from earlier, socialism is evil!

Yet up here in Canada, thanks to our socialistic mentality that put safe-guards into the system, we weren’t hit as bad as the Americans were. Our system may not be perfect, but it did, arguably, save the country from a more severe blow.

But even in its aftermath, the American government was pretty much useless. Instead of adhering to the Capitalistic principles it embraced in the 1980’s, it saved failing banks and corporations. Instead of realizing that it needed to make changes as to how things were done, it just handed out cash and let things fall where they may.

Since greed and stupidity caused the collapse, and nothing was changed or learned, it will happen again. Since the government didn’t change how things were done, or learn from what happened, they will allow it to happen again. Perhaps this time, it will be a more devastating blow.


“Increasing pressure from “barbarians” (inside &) outside Roman culture”: The Right-wing supporters probably consider Muslims “barbarians”, while Left-wing supporters call the militants occupying the building at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon “barbarians”. Only one is correct. One is an entire group that follow a faith that isn’t a Christian faith. Within that group, as with all groups, are extremists who give the rest a bad name. The other is a group of insurrectionists, terrorists if you will, who are using weapons and force to occupy a government building.

How Americans seems to be handling both is wrong.

If someone of the Muslim faith is a threat to society, they should be dealt with like any one else in society. They should NOT be thrown out of the country just because they are Muslim. If they are kicked out of the country, who is to say they will face the proper criminal charges? If they commit a crime here, they will pay for it here, not in another country who may or may not care, or have a lax criminal code.

The militant terrorist group in Oregon should be treated like any insurrectionists would be treated when the 2nd Amendment was drafted, back in 1791. Since they so love their 2nd Amendment, they should die by it as well. But they won’t. They’ll want to be treated fairly, they want their rights, like any group of terrorists… Hmm, so which is it? Are they 2nd Amendment supporters at conflict with one of the most militarized nations in the world, or are they terrorists fighting for what they believe in?

In the end, the US Government will mishandle it, like they did the stand-off involving Cliven Bundy. Little will be done, because nothing will change. More people will see this as a way to get their point across, and more incidents like Oregon will happen.

Except for Muslims or people of color. If it was a group of Muslims storming an immigration office because they felt their rights were violated, it would definitely be called a terrorist attack. If it were a group of unarmed black men seeking similar justice, they would be gunned down and no one would be blamed.


The Roman Empire (America) lost the strengths that had allowed it to exercise effective control.”

I’m not sure when it happened. It happened slowly while people where watching realty TV, or playing with their iPhones. But over time, what was once great about America got lost. It was forgotten. The way they strove for greatness, they were a light amid the darkness for so many yearning for a better life, struggling to be free. It is as if all the things that made America so great were exchanged for power, greed, apathy, and a need to protect themselves from everything different and fearful.

Personally, I think fear drives the people, and the country. People fear losing their jobs, fear they can’t pay their bills, fear they don’t have the coolest things as seen on TV, fear their neighbor, fear the police, fear the government, fear each other, fear being afraid! Those with the most fear losing it, so they’ll do anything to keep it, like stealing billions from the government after convincing them that without them, the world as they know it will end.

Well, the Roman Empire ended, but the world didn’t.

In fact, greater things happened once it was gone. The world is still influenced by the greatness of Rome, but its time came and went, like all empires should.

Perhaps it is time for the American Empire to end.

Perhaps it is time for something better to grow in its place.

But for something to rise renewed, it first has to fall.


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