Letters to… The Oscars, Ryan Gosling, Lazy People & Opinionated Movie People

Dear Oscars,

A few things to address with you.

First, how come stunt people don’t have a category? Sure they have their own awards show, but so do screenwriters, directors, and others. But stunt people play just an important role in move making as anyone else.

Secondly, as I have stated on my Facebook page, I am boycotting the Oscars this year because giant monster and robots aren’t getting their due credit. What would King Kong be without… a giant ape! Those Transformer movies would be lame without the giant robots.

Third, make it two nights. Trying to shoe-horn everything into one night seems ridiculous. You already shuffle the technical Oscars to another night, why not do the same to behind the scene people? One night for all the people who do the hard work, and one night for the rich people to pat each other on the back. Think about it.

Thanks for your time. And remember– *music rises*


PS: Give Leo a damn Oscar! What does he have to do? Get raped by a bear?


Dear Ryan Gosling,

Good on you for your career choices. Like Leo and Brad before you, you have mostly stayed away from pretty-boy roles, focusing on gritty or interesting characters.

Just keep doing that and someday, you too will get an Oscar… if you want one. If you do, may I suggest getting raped by a bear?


A fellow Canuck


Dear Lazy People,

I am not your enemy. I too am lazy.

There are days that I just sit there and marathon movies or TV series. If I didn’t have to move to go to the bathroom or get snacks, I’d be there all day. On weekends, I sometimes take hours to get out of bed. Having been a master at procrastinating to this day, I know the skill of putting off things for days, weeks, even months. Suffice to say, I can be a very lazy person.

But when I’m at work, a place where they pay me to do something, my laziness pretty much vanishes. I try to be conscientious of others by ensuring they don’t have to clean up after me, or do work that I was supposed to do. I say “try” because no one is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. Everyone can forget something. I’m excellent at forgetting things, especially if I don’t write them down. But I always try to remember my mistake or forgetfulness so that I minimize it in the future. If some tells me of something I forgot, or left lying around, I usually feel bad about it and make sure I don’t do it again.

Sadly, not everyone thinks of others in the work place, and in the real world. Some people just drift through it, leaving their shit all over the place, expecting someone else to clean it up for them. Yes, many of those people are called “kids” or “teenagers”. But there are also some who would be generously classified as “adults” who do the same thing.

What is really irritating is that when you tell them about their laziness, they don’t act like adults. They act like kids and get all pissy and argue with you. Then, they make passive aggressive comments about you, or tout how perfect you are. It is all very petty and childish, but from people who are regularly lazy, especially those who continually tout their laziness as a work ethic, it seems like a regular thing.

So, if you are a lazy person, that is cool. Enjoy your laziness. But if your laziness affects others, get your shit together and be lazy on your own time.


People fed up with lazy people at work.


Dear Movie lovers,

I think I have mentioned this before, but I guess it bears repeating:

“Opinions are not right or wrong. They are opinions.”

May I add a new thought to this as well…

“Like movies for what they are, not for what someone thinks they should be.”

I had a few heated discussions about the validity of what movies are good and bad. Some people with the heads up their asses think that their opinion is gospel and that anyone else’s opinion is wrong.

The example of this that I will use is the movie “Alien Vs Predator”. Although based on separate movie franchises, their team-up started as a successful collect of comics by Dark Horse Comics. Some people hold the Alien franchise on-high, when in fact only the first two movies were incredible, while the other two were varying degree of good and crap (again, opinions). The Predator movies (only two before AVP came out) were good (1st one) and ok (2nd one). But since both were owned by 20th Century Fox, and following the success of the comics, a team-up was made. This isn’t even the first time movie monsters fought each other, or at least appeared in the same movie. The old Universal monsters did it often, even Godzilla fought King Kong.

When the subject of AVP came up in said debate, the first person was quite adamant about it being crap. That is their opinion and that is fine. But when a second person disagreed, the first person essentially said anyone with a differing opinion than theirs was wrong and shite.

Sure it is hard to talk to elitist snobs like this person, but they are totally allowed to have their opinion about anything (in this case, a movie). But to tell someone else that their opinion isn’t worthy is utter bullshit. In my opinion, someone who acts like that either doesn’t know how to, or can’t quantify, their opinion well enough, so it is better to mock or belittle the other person’s opinion. Social media is, sadly, chockfulla this crap. A lot of people seem to forget that. Someone’s opinion is theirs, not your, or an attack on your opinion.

As for the movie in question, “Alien Vs. Predator” is definitely no “Alien” or even “Aliens”. Many people, including Ridley Scott, weren’t keen on the idea. So was James Cameron, until he saw it. “it was actually pretty good. (laughs) I think of the 5 ALIEN films, I’d rate it 3rd. I actually liked it. I actually liked it a lot.” I agree with him. But that is his opinion, and mine. NOT YOURS!

For me, I try to like a movie for what it is, not what others think it should be. AVP was a mash-up. People, including myself, wanted to see the Alien fight the Predator, Simple as that. Same went for Freddy Vs Jason. If you went into AVP expecting one of the first two Alien movies, you were deluding yourself. I had the same problem with “Prometheus”. I went in hoping for hints at Alien, but got very little, so I didn’t like it. But over time, I have come to appreciate it for its own merits.

I saw “Gods of Egypt” over the weekend. It was similar to “Clash of the Titans”. I like both. I wasn’t expecting mind-blowingly epic, top-notch acting, and deep character development. I wanted to be entertained. I was. Nuff said. Another example, “Man of Steel”. I went in expecting something, and was disappointed. I watched it again, not expecting anything, and didn’t like it. Everyone said “John Carter” and “Tomorrowland” weren’t good movies. I went in to both not knowing what to expect and found both to be very good.

In the end, never trust the reviewers or anyone else’s opinion about a movie. Watch trailers and reviews, but trust your instincts. Remember the movie you have liked. That will usually tell you if you’ll like something. And never, EVER trust someone who says “Beverly Hills Ninja” is good. They are fulla shit!


A movie buff




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