Letters to… Fanboy Edition

Dear Batman V Superman Fans,

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the new movie, it is understandable for someone of you to be protective of your choice. After all there are some of you who will define themselves by how well it does, or doesn’t, do. So I thought I would pass along some sage experience and advice to you before you turn yourself into an internet troll, hunting down those who say bad things about your new favourite movie.

Many moons ago, back in 1998, they released an American-made Godzilla movie. I watched it twice in one day! I thought it was great! This Godzilla was huge, he was fast, and he was computer-generated! No guy in a rubber suit! It was so very cool. I didn’t care if my friends didn’t like it, I would defend it until I was blue in the face. Like BatsVSups, there was tons of hype before it, music videos featuring the monster, a cool soundtrack (which is still decent). The movie was everywhere and opened huge.

Then, a couple of years later, Godzilla 2000 came out. This was made in Japan, but it wasn’t just a dude in a rubber suit. The special effects were good! It was then that I started to realize that maybe the American-made Godzilla wasn’t as good as I thought. Many years later, and having seen and bought more original Godzilla movies, I no longer own THAT American-made Godzilla movie. The more recent Godzilla movie was SOOO much better than the 1998 version.

The point of my little story is that, hindsight is 20/20.

We can all get caught up in the hype. We can sometimes wish a decent, ok, or even not-that-great movie is the best movie we have ever seen. The best example of this was, after seeing Batman & Robin, a buddy of mine, a Batman fan, stood by it as a good movie, while the rest of us didn’t. That was his 1998 Godzilla. He came to his senses not long after, but for him, he sooo wanted to like this Batman movie, he ignored how truly bad it was.

In conclusion, be true to your tastes and likes. If you like a movie, cool! If you don’t, be honest and say you don’t. Trying to put a good spin on crap just gets you covered in crap.


An original Godzilla fan

PS: Check out Godzilla’s first rampage from 1954. More than a monster movie.



Dear DC Cinematic Universe,

RE: My thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well, it’s a hell of a lot better than Man of Steel. Maybe because Batman sets the tone as dark from the beginning, so the fact that every happens at night, or on cloudy days, or at night, explain why it is so frickin’ dark!

Aside from that, the movie was ok. Yes, just ok. My mind wasn’t blown. Ben Affleck was good as an old Batman. Noticed I didn’t just say “Batman”? Yes, he came across as old, even if Mr. I-Was-Daredevil-Once isn’t actually old himself. Although, maybe I missed it, but when he was fighting in his normal suit, he seemed a little more than just a guy in a bat-suit, flinging men and crates around like they were nothing.

Superman was still dreary and lost. But I think that has more to do with his previous movie. If it had been better, then he’s be better here. But since I’ll always see Christopher Reeves as Superman, everyone else will always be second rate.

What really made the movie was Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot hinted at a what she can do in her own movie. She can kick serious ass and honestly, showed up both Bats and Sups when battling Doomsday. I am more interested in seeing her movie than I was seeing this one.

So, as a whole, what did I think of this movie? Like I said, it was ok. As much as I like Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Suckerpunch), I am not a fan of his DC movies. This one was an improvement, so hopefully when he gets around to Justice League, he’ll find a better mood and atmosphere for those movies than he has for Man of Steel and this one.




Dear Marvel vs DC fans,

Let’s get one thing straight before I go any further.

Marvel has been kicking DC cinematic ass for years. If Batman V Superman is any indication, they may continue to do so.

True, DC has had Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. They were great movies! Well, maybe not the third one, but the first two made up for a lackluster finale.

But Marvel’s movies have been doing it for fans AND critics since 2008 when Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk came out. For me, Marvel did it right. When they tacked on Nick Fury’s cameo at the end of Iron Man, it hinted at something interesting. But what sold it was when Tony Stark appeared at the end of Incredible Hulk. This hinted at something more. Both movies were put out by two different studios. So why was the star of one appearing in a cameo in the other? Rumors of a shared universe started. When Iron Man 2 came out, hinting at Thor, which was a full year away, excitement increased, and continued to increase. Each new movie hinted at another, hinted at what was next. It made sitting through 5 to 7 minutes of credits worth the time! It also helped that the movies were good, with fans and critics alike. Hell, if non-comic book fans can get excited about Marvel movies, then they must be doing something right.

Seeing the success, DC tried to follow suit, but their result, Green Lantern, was a failure. Now, with Batman V Superman, they are trying to set up a cinematic universe before there is an actual desire for one. This is where Marvel and DC differ in a major way. Marvel tested the waters first. They hinted at something more. Buzz was created and they fed it. DC is trying to stuff their cinematic universe down our throats. They are giving us one, whether it is successful or not.

DC fans, of course, are whole-heartedly behind DC cinematic universe, because they are tired of Marvel doing it better. But to be honest, unless Marvel stumbles hard, and DC really gets their shit together, DC may be playing catch up for a long time.

Of course, if DC starts coming out with kick-ass movies at spark interest in everyone, fans and non-fans alike, then I’ll be only to glad to be proven wrong. After all, a little competition can only be a benefit for everyone who enjoys these movies.


A Geek who wants more good comic book movies


Dear Actual Fans,

You know who you are.

You are one of those people who, when disagreeing with someone, becomes a real jackass and pulls out that ol chesnut “you’re not an actual fan”, or “An actual fan would know…”.

Please tell me who exactly is an “actual fan”. Is there a test one must take to prove one is an “actual fan”? Is it multiple choice? essay style? Does it require a blood sample?

You wanna know who an “actual fan” is? Someone who loves whatever it is they love. No matter how I may disagree with someone’s choice of books, music, movies, TV shows, etc., I would never, EVER, mock or question their love of whatever it is they are talking about.

Anyone who uses that “actual fan” bullshit is the biggest, whiniest douchebag around. They can’t string together enough intelligence and words to defend their point, so they revert to “well, if you were an actual fan, you’d know–”



Every fanboy/ girl out there.


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