Sark Talks About… Leggings, 4/20, Real Men & The United States Election Process

Leggings/ Yoga Pants:

A few months back, I went to get my oil change at one of those drive-thru places. They had a few girls working there, which I thought was cool… until I saw their pants, or lack thereof. While all the guys were wearing work pants, the girls were wearing leggings, or tights or whatever.

Now, my typical, horny male side says “woo hoo!”, because the right woman wearing leggings is pretty fine. But everyone else wearing them is not.

Having said that, I think its kind of ridiculous for women to be wearing leggings like they were work clothes, especially in an environment like a warehouse or as a mechanic. To me, leggings range in usefulness from casual wear to something you wear going out when you want to show off your ass, because, speaking as a typical, horny male, that is ALL they do. Women know this, that’s why they wear long sweaters. To cover their asses.

I see it as akin to me coming in to work wearing my pajama pants that I usually wear around the house. That would be impractical and inappropriate.

If women and men are to be equal in the workplace, then women should stop wearing leggings… or allow guys to wear leggings so they can show off their asses and junk!



With the Canadian government announcing that they will push to have weed legal by next year, will this make 4/20 obsolete?

For a long time, wherever I worked, when I heard about 4/20 mentioned in hushed tones, I wondered what the big deal was. Some said it was a way for them to support the legalization of pot. But, knowing the people telling me this, I highly doubted their activism.

It also reminded me of my sister-in-law telling me about drinking games she and her friends would play when they were kids. It was also something I never understood, considering that when my friends and sibling drank, they didn’t need any games to do it. They just drank. Nice and simple.

So when pot is legalized, will this whole 4/20 crap go away, or will they think of another reason to celebrate another day for no reason at all?

Geez people. If you smoke weed, just do it. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

And if you come on here to reply and try to enlighten me about 4/20’s origins and importance and all that shit, I’ll save you the time and tell ya right now, I don’t really care.


Real Men:

I’ve worked in various jobs where I worked alongside “real men”.

Who were these “real men” you ask? well, it is easy to find them. All you have to do is make a joke questioning their manhood, their heterosexuality, or their sexual prowess. The ones who get all defensive or actually pissed off are the so-called “real men”.

What they don’t realize is that “real men” are secure enough in themselves that shit like that doesn’t bother them. They either laugh it off, or one-up your joke.

It is always good to find those kind of men in the work place, or in your circle friends.

All the others, they should really lighten up, or man-up maybe.


The United States Election Process:

Thanks to Wikipedia, here is how the election of the President and Vice President of the United States is done… as best as I can tell.

People vote for members of the U.S. Electoral College. These guys vote for the President and Vice President. If there is a majority, the election is over. If there isn’t a majority, the House of Representatives chooses the President and the Senate votes for the Vice President… really?

Anyways, all of this is regulated by both federal and state laws. Each state gets Electoral College electors equal to the number of the Senators and Representatives it has in the U.S. Congress… except the District of Columbia (DC), who has electors equal to the number held by the least populous state. The U.S. territories get fuck all.

Thanks to the U.S. Constitution, each state legislature does their election differently, which can make for a really fucked up way to elect people. Basically, its like each state were a separate country. Then there’s something called “unpledged elector” and “faithless elector” who votes for their designated candidates and their votes are certified by Congress, who is the final judge of electors.

The nomination process within the parties are controlled by the parties themselves… and I’m not gonna even bother because we’ve all put up with that shit for far too long already.

What the Fuck America!

How does the country that exports Democracy have such a screwed up election system? You can’t blame this on the Brits. Up here in Canada, we follow their system and it is SOOOO much easier and quicker.

Maybe you should try it! *hint hint*


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