The Ballad of the Flat-Earth

I woke this morning and saw an article on my Facebook timeline about 10 things that prove the Earth is round.

I had a good laugh at that because, of COURSE the Earth is round. Duh! But I read through the article. It showed very basic means of determining that the Earth is indeed round. Here is the link if you want to have a read for yourself…

10 Ways to Prove the Earth is Round

Of course, as with anything on social media, there were people who disagreed that the Earth was round. They claimed that it was flat. In fact, there is a group, called the Flat Earth Society that believes the earth is flat, and believe that NASA and ALL of the world’s governments who have actually gone into space, are hiding the truth. Here is a link to their website…

The Flat Earth Society

Being an objective kind of person, one who can see both sides of an argument, I decided to send a tweet to @FlatEarthOrg and ask them a simple question, where is the edge of the Earth?

Their answer; Antarctica. convenient answer I thought, since it is a hard place to get to. But not impossible.

My next suggestion was to create a Kickstarter/ Go Fund Me project, or partner with Discovery Channel, to build up the money to send an expedition across Antarctica, until they come across the great ice wall that exists at the edge of the Flat Earth. You wouldn’t even need to go by land! A flight from somewhere in South America, due south, according to those silly “globe” compasses, would take you across Antarctica. At some point, if the Flat Earth theory is true, you would come to a wall and the edge of the Flat Earth!

I thought this would be a no-brainer right? Who wouldn’t want to prove to EVERYONE on the planet/ disc that they were wrong by showing footage of them approaching the edge of the Earth? But it wouldn’t be just the Flat Earth Society going along for the ride. It would be two groups, one for the Flat Earth theory, and one against. My suggestion for the leader of the Round Earth theory would be Neil deGrasse Tyson. I also think he would enjoy going along to prove these “whackos” wrong. Plus, I believe the Flat Earth Society would enjoy proving Tyson wrong, right to his face!

But, I kept getting excuses as to why such an expedition would be impossible. First, there’s this thing called the Antarctic Treaty. It supposedly prevents the Flat Earth Society from going to the edge of the Earth. According to Wikipedia…

“The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS), regulate international relations with respect to Antarctica, Earth’s only continent without a native human population. For the purposes of the treaty system, Antarctica is defined as all of the land and ice shelves south of 60°S latitude. The treaty, entering into force in 1961 and having 53 parties as of 2016, sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, establishes freedom of scientific investigation and bans military activity on that continent.”

Article 2 of the treaty states… “Freedom of scientific investigations and cooperation shall continue.”

Now you would think that searching for the edge of the Flat Earth would fall under “scientific investigations”, would you not? I would. There was also mention of a $17 billion cost for such an expedition, as well as armed penguins, but I ignored that and realized these Flat Earth people are just sad excuses for explorers and adventurers. They obviously have no strength in their convictions, or desire to get hard, scientific proof to show to the world that they were right. How sad it that?!

In all honesty, I WANT proof. I would like to see if the Flat Earth looks like this…

Flat Earth


Actually, I’m kinda hoping it looks like this…

Flat Earth Turtle


I think that would be sooo frickin’ awesome! A giant turtle with four elephants holding up a giant disc that is our world. How cool!


Sadly, these Flat Earth people are all wrong. They are delusional and honestly, I don’t know why they ignore the most simple, in-your-face facts and basic logic that any of us can acknowledge. Like why does a ship leaving harbor, heading towards the horizon, sink into the water? If the Earth is flat, and the Sun and Moon rotate above us, no matter where the Sun is, I’d still be able to see it, wouldn’t I? They use the fact that the Sun doesn’t sink below the horizon in Antarctica during its Summer. But it does the same thing in the Arctic during our Summer. And also, how do they explain the lengths of days changing both in the north (Canada) and in the south (Australia) when the north is at the center of the Flat Earth and Australia is near the edge?

It was during my walk this morning, thinking about these Flat Earth people, that I saw a connection between them, Creationists, and the NRA. All of these people are so blinded by delusional thinking that they will never accept reality. No matter what is said to them, they will either state some actual science in their favor, to saying its an optical illusion. You can admire them for their conviction, but you also have to pity them.

As for myself, I’ll hope that, someday, they’ll find a way across Antarctica to that giant ice wall, that someone climbs over it and looks down to see what is below. A giant turtle? A cone of rock? An alien device that makes the earth work? Oblivion?

I’m hoping for the turtle!


2 thoughts on “The Ballad of the Flat-Earth”

  1. Thanks for commenting!
    Interesting article. If we live in a computer simulation, how come more people aren’t going all Neo a la The Matrix? And if the world is a simulation, how did the Wachowskis (sp?) figure it out? Or maybe it’s more Tron-like, cause I loved the light cycles!

    Always cool to think on such things. Excellent material and inspiration for stories and ideas.

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