Letter to… Me

Dear Blog Followers and Regular Readers;


How are ya?

How was your summer?

Mine was… meh.

You see, at the beginning of the summer… or so, I decided to stop writing blogs because I wanted to focus on my writing. There was two problems with this plan.

First problem, I didn’t do it. I worked on a few things, mostly character creation and development, and a smattering of rewriting. But nothing overly new was created. So my thought that my blog writing was taking away from my prose writing was a bust.

Second problem, there was a lot of stupid shit going on in the world for me to ignore. Trump (or as I prefer, #Drumpf), kept sticking his foot in his mouth and showing us that the character of the President of the United States in Stephen King’s book and David Cronenberg’s movie of “The Dead Zone” was potentially prophetic. Then there was that Lochte putz, green water at the Olympics, people and the media jumping on the Nate Parker: Rapist bandwagon, the surprisingly dismal summer movie run, my hatred of having to choose a movie seat at Landmark Cinemas, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now. But there were a few!

So now its September and I haven’t accomplished half of what I hoped. And with the Fall TV season coming soon and no hope of getting a new satellite TV provider with a PVR, the Ottawa Redblacks leading the CFL east, and Ottawa Senators’ hockey starting up again, I will once again be torn between doing what I’m supposed to do (writing) and what I’d like to do (the things I mentioned before). All of this doesn’t even include the eventual purchase of the Nintenndo NES Mini Classic that comes out in November!

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of TV on DVD/ Bluray, I can just watch the shows later on. Thing is, I still have to watch The Flash season 1 and iZombie season 2, not to mention some less urgent TV series to enjoy, like Dark Angel and Xena season 1.

But there is a mantra that has been reverberating in my brain recently after the purchase of “More music from the movie Gladiator”. One of the lines from the movie plays during a demo version of The Battle, called “Gladiator Waltz”, where Maximus says, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”

When Russell Crowe says it with his usual gravatas, add to that the powerful, triumphant music, it really made the idea stick in my head…

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

Some people take this idea to heart and, whether intentionally or accidentally, make it happen. Others will just say their kids will be their echoes in eternity, not realizing that many of the people thinking this can’t remember anyone before their grandparents, or care nothing of history, even their own.

It has always been my hope that what writing I can do will be that echo/ my legacy. Whether I am successful or not, the stories I create and write will hopefully carry on and maybe even live on after I’m gone.

That piece of music, those words spoken, have reminded me of what I want, and more importantly, what I’m NOT doing. If I am to make a better life for myself, or at the very least, give myself the chance to have a life that I want, I have to live by those words, or die by them… eventually, not right away or anything.

So once again, I muster up my inner fortitude, remind myself of my goals, and most importantly, execute! Drive! Desire! Achieving my goals! A thousand points of light! etc etc.


Ok, sorry, got a little too motivational speaker there with the stereotypical diatribe of words and phrases. I’ll keep it simple with “What we do in life echoes in eternity”.

Ok, not “simple”, but I imagine hearing the music and it helps.

What also helps? Remembering all the people who supported me. They know who they are and I am eternally grateful. That includes those who stop by and read my blog. Thanks. If you want more, I’ll get back to my weekly rambles.

Another thing that helps; those who marginalized me, disregarded me, ignored me, and those who didn’t take me or my dreams seriously. It may not be very altruistic, but turning that negativity into a positive can be excellent fuel for the fire.

Wish me luck folks, and I’ll be seeing ya weekly… more or less.




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