Cowardly Assholes & Their Concealed Guns

In a recent article posted on 1310 News’ Facebook page, Ottawa police have seen a rise in gun violence in Canada’s capital. During a Crime Prevention meeting, Acting Superintendent Chris Renwick said police officers were seeing more shootings that were not related to gang activity, but they suspect it is a sign of a growing “gun culture” in Ottawa.

One of the comments in reply to the story was that it was a good idea for people to carry weapons, and that there should be a CCW, or “Carrying a Concealed Weapon” law in Canada.

My initial reaction to this comment was that this person was a frickin’ idiot, and that Canada didn’t want the same kind of crap that Americans were dealing with.

In Canada, CCW is generally prohibited. But people can be authorized under the Firearms Act. Section 20 of the Firearms Act allows issuance of an Authorization to Carry, or ATC in limited circumstances. Concealment of a firearm is allowed only if it is specifically stipulated in the conditions of the ATC. So, technically, if someone goes through the red tape, they could potentially be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. But just skimming through the basics of it makes it seem like a huge deal for criminals, or cowardly assholes to bother with.

Which brings me to my thoughts on this idea of a “gun culture” coming to Ottawa, and maybe, Canada.

First off, I’m not a fan of guns in general. I’ve only fired a rifle once or twice in my life. Guns and gun-pay in movies and TV shows may be cool, but since that is escapist entertainment, I don’t have a problem with that. But when its real, it usually ends in pain, suffering and death. I’m not a fan of hunting, but it is still legal to kill defenseless animals, and responsible hunters follow the rules to ensure they and others don’t get hurt… at least that’s what I hope.

But the idea of people walking around you at the shopping mall, in the grocery store, or passing you on the street, carrying a gun, for no other reason that they are cowardly assholes (you sensing a theme here?) is a little worrisome.

Sure people will talk about the whole “good guy with a gun” excuse used in the States, but I’ve read a few stories where those “good guys with a gun” high-tailed it when the shooting started, or accidentally killed an innocent bystandard. They also say that people carrying guns publicly get proper training and will react accordingly when needed. But with the recent increase in police unnecessarily shooting unarmed black men, it seems training is only part of it. People also have to be mentally stable, and not cowardly assholes.

I’ve used that term, “cowardly assholes” three times now. That’s because people who feel the need to carry a weapon for protection are cowards. I don’t know what the hell they are afraid of, but apparently, they feel the need to carry a gun. These are also the people who, because of their phobia, will probably over-react in situations that may lead to their weapon being drawn and someone being unnecessarily wounded or killed. Afterwards, they use whatever law that is in place to cover their ass. They try to justify seriously hurting or killing someone by repeating that they were allowed to carry that weapon, and that their life felt threatened. All of that makes them assholes.

Up here in Canada, only three types of people carry concealed weapons. Someone who is legally authorized to do so, right-wing nutjobs who think homos, ragheads, and women should know their place, and criminals.

In America, depending on what State you are in, you can conceal carry or even open carry, which means you can go to your local Walmart with a AR-15 slung over your shoulder. There is also something called “Constitutional Carry”, which allows people to legally carry a handgun openly, or concealed, without the requirement of a government-issued permit. This is allowed because of that antiquated, and severely out-dated Second Amendment.

Now, which country, when populations are evened out via ratios, has seen more gun deaths? Easy answer, America. I won’t go into a rant as to why this is, because it is pretty much a fact.

Up here in Canada, I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority when I say we do NOT want to have the kind of mentality that allows for more people to carry any kind of gun with them, concealed, open, or Constitutional. Sure we have people who come across like cowardly assholes, afraid of change, or different people, beliefs, and ideals. All nations have them. So keeping guns away from them is probably a good idea.

The majority of Canadians aren’t always afraid. And even when terrible things happen, we don’t automatically grab for a gun to protect ourselves. We try to understand it, find the root cause of such events, and what we can do, as a society, to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again.

Hey, it’s not always like that. But at least the good, average, law-abiding Canadian citizen, doesn’t need a gun to protect themselves.

The majority of us don’t want to be one of those cowardly assholes.





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