Environmentalism According to Sark

I am not an Environmentalist. I can barely spell “Environmentalist” correctly!

Did I spell it correctly?

If you asked me about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, I couldn’t tell you anything specific. I do own a copy of “An Inconvenient Truth”, and that new Leonardo DiCaprio documentary looks interesting. What I do know is that the Earth has gone through numerous periods of climate change, from being a lush, tropical planet, to various Ice Ages. These fluctuations have been determined by scientists studying ice cores, soil samples, and other waaay-over-my-head scientific crap.

But I’ve also never been the one to automatically toe the line when chicken little says the sky is falling. I tend to be somewhat objective about things I read and hear about. I like to take the info in, mull it around, maybe read some more about a subject from different sources, forget about fiddly little details, but have a basic idea of where I stand on something.

Having said all that, I’m often puzzled at the ignorance of people who say that Global Warming or Climate Change is a myth. Thus, not believing in such things, they rail against things like Green Energy and alternatives to fossil fuels. They consider them too expensive and/or not necessary. Meanwhile, Environmentalists argue about changes that need to be made, yet whenever the government tries to do anything, they crap all over them, saying it isn’t enough.

It is laughable sometimes, bordering on farcical.

So let’s do a Marvel Comics’ style “What If…?” and go to two extremes shall we.

First, what if we ignored everything the Environmentalists have been telling us for the past few decades. That means the chemicals that effect the ozone layer weren’t eliminated. We didn’t try to make more fuel-efficient cars. We didn’t bother with green energy like solar or wind power. We tossed everything into landfills. Anything else you can think of that tried to help the planet, we never did it.

Imagine what that world would be like. Personally, I think it would be a huge, horrible mess. Much worse than it is now.

Ok, now, what if the world went full-throttle on everything the Environmentalists asked us to do. Everyone had to have fuel-efficient or electric cars, if they could afford them. People’s houses had to be energy-efficient, if they could afford them. We could only use solar or wind-powered energy, shutting down all oil-based companies, throwing the world’s economy into chaos. Anything you may have heard from any number of tree-huggers that they think will save the planet is put into use and anything they hate is shut down or stopped.

Imagine what that “utopian” world would be like… if you could afford to live there.

Each of the extremes aren’t good, at least not right now.

Do we need to make changes to how we, as a global society, do things? Absolutely!

Is it going to happen over-night or any time soon? Probably not. But we have to start somewhere.

I think that is what each side, and those caught in the middle, have to realize. Keeping the status quo is a sure-fire way to civilization’s stagnation. The fact that we are still using, for the most part, automotive technology that hasn’t advanced much in one hundred years, isn’t good. Yet in the past twenty years, cell phone technology, personal computers, and other means to entertain ourselves has advanced by leaps and bounds. So how come the basic automobile hasn’t? How come the way we heat our homes, fuel our cars, and how that internal combustion engine that drives our cars, hasn’t advanced at the same speed? I could go off on a tangent about global companies manipulating governments to ensure their own continued prosperity, but that isn’t the point of this blog.

There is a point to my blog. It is coming!

According to my basic Google research, human global population was approximately 300 million in the year 1000 AD. At the start of the Industrial Revolution during the mid-1700s, the human global population was about 700 million. In seven hundreds years, 400 million people were added to the Earth. By 1900, it was 1.6 billion. By the end of the 20th century, there were 6 billion people.  That is an incredible and startling growth rate, thanks to advances in medicine and over-all quality of life.

Those who poo-poo global warming and climate change don’t think humans could have that much of an effect on the planet. But if the addition of billions of people, also adding machines, consuming resources, and producing waste, doesn’t affect the planet, than I’d add naiveté to those people’s ignorance.

As for the point of blog, it comes down to something as simple as stating the fact that we do need to change. But we have to realize that, until the proper technology becomes easier to create, cheaper to make, and profitable for someone, we should be glad for any step forward. We must also realize that sometimes, those small steps forward will be painful and unpopular. But forcing things to stay constant because we don’t like change is, well, naive and/or ignorant.


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