Something for Drivers to Think About

*sigh* I hate stupid drivers.

Like, reeeally hate stupid, impatient, risk-taking, not-thinking drivers.

With a fiery passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns!

To hint at my hatred, here are two examples of drivers I loathe…


Dear Friday Afternoon Drivers;

Despite Alabama’s song, “Five O’Clock 500”, driving like a tool on a Friday afternoon will not get you home sooner.

Ok, maybe it will, but it won’t win you any fans. For example, On one Friday, in the span of 45 minutes, I had two people cut me off (as in nearly driving over-top of my car to get in front of me), and two people wander from one lane to another without a signal, wave, or anything. You’d think they were driving down a deserted dirt road on Sunday. NOPE! It’s a packed highway on a Friday afternoon!

I’m debating on whether I will put a dash-cam in my car, like they do in Russia. I’d love to catch these idiots in action, and post EVERYTHING I CAN about them online. I figure it’s better than following them home, or trying to get them back while dodging busy highway traffic.

BTW, want to try a socio-scientific experiment? On a fairly quiet stretch of major highway, pass a bunch of cars (legally) in one shot, driving at a fairly rapid rate. Cars that you passed because they were driving slow will begin to speed up! Male drivers will feel the need to catch up, keep pace with you, or pass you, only to slow down a little further up. If you don’t believe me, pay attention to your reaction when someone blow by you. Your speed will increase too!

But if you do this, be careful, use your signals, and don’t do it on Friday afternoon.


Socio-Experimental Driver


Dear Truck-Fearing Drivers,

I may have ranted a bit about this, but it bears repeating… and because I want to.

Ok, car drivers, just a reminder.

Trucks, like the big ones, have just as much right to be on the road as you do. That means if they have to change lanes because the lane they are in is ending, you let them change lanes! You don’t come speeding up so you can get past them, then honk your little horn because you couldn’t squeeze through!

Just remember, if your little car and a big truck got into an accident, guess who has less of a chance of getting hurt? Here’s a hint; it ain’t you!

So don’t be a dick, or vagina, depending on your gender. Share the road.

Or the big mean truck will drive over you.


All truck drivers


Sadly, stupid drivers don’t have access to the internet, otherwise they would have seen these, and my other blogs talking about how terrible they are!

But seriously… sorta… I can not fathom the reasoning behind some of the things people do on the road. I think a lot of it has to do with impatience. People think that whatever it is they are going to is so vitally important, they will risk driving someone else off the road, nearly cause an accident to get a car-length ahead of you, or be so focused on getting what they want, they’ll put others at risk, including pedestrians.

What I think is the worse thing about all this, is that many accidents that people get into, from the minor fender-bender, to the ones that cause death, can probably be attributed to the driver’s impatience, and thus speeding and doing something risky to maintain their impatience. In-vehicle distractions play a huge part as well, with cell phones being the worse.

Despite all the knowledge, increased fines, and awareness about distracted driving, people still continue to do stupid, dangerous, careless things behind the wheel.


I have a theory on this, and since this is my blog, I’ll put it forth…

In the day and age of instant information, instant messaging and response; where many use social media as a definition of our self-worth and grow frustrated when our pithy quotes and thoughts aren’t met with quick-response thumbs-up; with so many things that put us at the center of our world; we are becoming more self-centered. This self-centered/ indulgent/ involved mentality translates to others things, one being how we deal with strangers, especially in our cars. When we are in our cars, we are in our own little world. We are so into our little car world, that anyone who dares to deter us from our goals/ destination, we see them as a threat, or at the very least, a competitor.

If they try to *gasp* change lanes and pull in front of me… I can’t let that happen! I gotta cut them off!

If they speed past us, we have to catch up to them and prove we are faster or more important that they are!

If they are in the fast lane, going 20 km over the speed limit, that may not be enough and they must be tailgated until they move for us!

These may not be conscious thoughts people have, but having seen things like this happen far too frequently, one has to wonder if the ideas of being so self-involved and oblivious to others has a part to play in their behaviour.

I’m not even going to get into how inconsiderate and stupid people are towards truck drivers (from cube vans up to 18-wheelers, and everything in-between), and the idiotic risks taken to get around them. I’ve seen too many with my own eyes to mention here.

There may be no solution to these drivers. The only thing that may stop them may be an accident, or taking someone’s life.

Think about that for a moment…

You are in a rush, weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off, running redlightsWHAM! You just hit a pedestrian, or a car that had a greenlight while you were running that redlight. Because of your impatience, you struck a baby carriage, or a minivan filled with a family going somewhere fun. Because of your impatience, you just killed someone, or ruined their life, not to mention the lives of those around them.

Think about that.


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