Letters to… Anti-Trudeau Folks, Anti-Free Speech Folks, and Jon Stewart

Dear Anti-Trudeau People:

Apparently, you seem to be taking his overwhelming win pretty hard, since you seem to be finding fault, ANY fault, to complain about, make into a meme, and post it on your social media feed. From getting a ride from a family friend in a helicopter, to not going to the Fort McMurray Fire zone soon enough, it seems Prime Minister Trudeau is a huge a-hole!

But it made me wonder where these people were when PM Stephen Harper was being an a-hole? Probably agreeing with everything he said.

So, here’s a test for all those anti-Trudeau folks out there. Go to Google and type in “Stephen Harper Worst Errors”. It will give you a list of articles about the things Harper did while in charge of Canada. There are quite a few links to check out.

No politician is perfect. They all make mistakes, do things not everyone likes, and yeah, they’ll lie. ALL POLITICIANS LIE! Yet it seems PM Trudeau is being held to a higher standard for some reason. Maybe the Conservative cry-babies should take a fresh look at their previous PM and see hows his dictatorial ways nearly ruined this country.


A Canadian

PS: If you like what’s going on in America right now, there’s always Kevin O’Leary!


Dear Jon Stewart:

Your country needs YOU!

Please come back!




Dear Common Fascists:

No, I’m not talking about Trump and his cronies. I’m talking about average social media mavens who seem to think that only they and people of their ilk are allowed to have an opinion.

Recently at the Screen Actors Guild awards show, many actors and people from the industry spoke out against the Trump regime, particularly about the ban on Muslims in America…

Sidebar: It’s a BAN. Call it whatever you like, discriminating against one group of people and not allowing them to enter the country is a ban. By the way, why wasn’t Saudi Arabia on that list? It has a Muslim majority, and most of the attackers during 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. You would think that would make them a threat, right? Nope! They have too much money in America and Trump doesn’t want to upset the money!

But I digress…

Like before, many average people lashed out at the famous people for speaking their mind in a supposedly free country. If you are to believe Joe and Jane Average Fascist, only non-famous people can speak their minds.

Sure, I’m not a fan of people like Jane Fonda coming to Canada and criticizing the Alberta Oilsands, while avoiding actually talking to BOTH sides of the subject. But she, like everyone, has a right to speak their mind. It’s called “Freedom of Speech”. Once upon a time, it was something America was known for. Now, it only seems to be about fear, hatred, and ignorance.

As far as I’m concerned, if rich, famous people speaking out about stuff pisses off the whiney little Fascists out there, then rage on Richie Rich!


Not Rich at All



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