We Stand On Guard for Thee… Just not the Quebecois

To many people, America these days seems to be the home of fear, racism, hatred, and all the bad stuff that people having been fighting in earnest since World War II.

But as far as we like to think we have advanced ourselves, and our way of thinking, those things still exist, and not just in America. Up here in Canada, we aren’t much better. In English Canada, we have a group that seems to get the majority of slurs and hatred. The French.

Despite the fact that French Canadians were the foundation of the nation we call Canada, people still treat them like shit. Those same people will use the excuse of Quebec sovereignty for why they hate Quebec and people from there. “They want to break up the country! I say screw them!” is an example of what they might say. Or they’ll use derogatory terms like “Quebecistan” (a recent favourite from the ignorant jackasses out there). Some will use the excuse that they have known a few people from Quebec that were assholes, therefore, ALL people from Quebec are assholes. I particularly love that last excuse. I think the Nazis used that for the Jews as well.

What is really sad is that these people who slam Quebec don’t usually have any other hatred towards any other group. I’m guessing they think that mocking people from Quebec is ok because it’s not a racial slur, or an attack against a religion. After all, they’re just people from Quebecistan! Who cares about them right? They are all assholes, right?

No. They aren’t.

Anyone who mocks, attacks, or makes childish, ignorant slurs against ANY fellow Canadian, don’t deserve to BE Canadian. That also goes for anyone of any group that they wish to be associated with.

To me, Canada is a great country. I was raised to believe that ALL people are welcome here. ALL people, no matter their differences of race, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, or provincial habitation, are Canadians. The only thing I would expect from all of them, is that they live their lives as they choose, without intentionally doing harm to anyone else. That also includes people of Quebec who wish to separate from the rest of Canada…

Sidebar: For those outside Canada, for many years in Quebec, there has been movements to have Quebec separate from Canada. There have been referendums about it, where the Separatists failed to get a majority of the vote to leave. These days, the political parties that support this movement are more focused on important, regular political/ government-y things.

…I may not support Quebec’s separation, but I support their right to  do so. That is what a truly free society is about.

But I often wonder if the negative crap said about Quebecois in the English parts of Canada is a reason why they want to leave. If I were a Quebecois, and people were constantly calling my home province “Quebecistan”, I wouldn’t feel to welcome.

As it is, any time I hear people slur anyone of a different group, especially from people I usually get along with, I wonder why I should get along with them? What makes them of any value if they have so little value for others? If they can disrespect a group of people for some perceived slight or, even worse, just because they are ignorant jackasses, then how can I have respect for them?

The answer is, I can’t.

And neither should anyone else.



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