Ye Olde Double Standard

The one thing I actually love about social media, is the “social” part, as in social awareness… even if some don’t want to be aware of the things they say.

Example; I recently saw a post among my timeline showing an aging rocker. It was posted by a woman who didn’t have any flattering things to say about said rocker, who doesn’t look as… cool as he once did. Her friends, all female, agreed with her.

Me, being the shit-disturber that I can be, commented that I found it funny that women were mocking the aging rocker’s appearance, but if a guy had posted a picture of an aging female celebrity (rocker, movie star, etc.), and posted the kind of comments they were posting, some women would be upset.

The response from the person who posted the picture in the first place was lengthy, and never really addressed the issue I brought up. She also dismissed her comment as “silly”, even though she admitted what I said was “in fact true,”.

This subject, about men getting the short end of the stick when it comes to advertising and, in this case, ageism, is kind of unfortunate.

I don’t know how many commercials or ads I’ve seen where the guy is shown to be an idiot just to sell something. It kind of reminds me of the “good ol’ days” when women were only used to sell kitchen appliances, or any time they were seen, it was in the kitchen making dinner.

For the most part, we’ve grown past that. But I have seen a Swiffer commercial where a woman is cleaning the house in high heels. High heels? C’Mon!

It seems, these days, that doing to guys what used to be done to women in advertising, and in general thinking, has become somewhat acceptable.

So, it seems like an old-school eye-for-an-eye way of thinking. Kinda Biblical, in my opinion, but ok.

Of course, some women won’t take any of what I have said seriously. They may mention how the male dominant society has repressed women for centuries and it is only fair to have a little fun at men’s expense, and that they don’t really believe the negative stereotype of “stupid men” that is being used. Other women will just mock me for taking the stance that I have. Others still will have just stopped reading a few paragraphs in and think I’m an idiot.

Fair enough.

But I don’t think it makes my point any less valid.

If showing women in a negative, sexist stereotype wasn’t good back in the day, then how come it’s ok to show men in similar ways now? Aren’t we supposed to be better than we were?

Yeah, I know some people are just being funny, or nostalgic, as in the case with the aging rocker. I get the humour. It just isn’t funny. It’s just… old… and tired.

To quote said rocker…

“Sometimes I feel like I’m beatin’ a dead horse
An I don’t know why you’d be bringin’ me down
I’d like to think that our love’s worth a tad more
It may sound funny but you’d think by now
I’d be smilin’
I guess some things never change
Never change”


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