I Was a Caffeine Addict

When I was a little kid, I used to love to go over to my grandparents for the weekend. Not only were they cool, spoiled me rotten, and allowed me to watch cable TV, they also gave me Coca-Cola.

Sure, we would occasionally get Coke at home, but sometimes my Dad couldn’t afford it, so we got Cott Cola, or RC cola (which was ok), or something we never heard of before.

But not my grandparents. They ALWAYS had the real thing on hand. I’d drink it as often as they offered it to me. Over time, as I got older, that became my drink of choice when out and about at parties. Since I didn’t drink booze, I became the Coca-Cola Cowboy.

In my heyday, I could drink anyone under the table when it came to Coke. 8 cans a day was pretty normal, even if we drank the stuff as quickly as my Dad bought it. He always hated when we drank all the Coke he bought (my brother was also quite the drinker too).

The odd thing is, it wouldn’t be until I was an adult that I began to realize the effect Coke had on me. More specifically, the caffeine. I often wondered why I had such a headache Monday afternoons. I thought it was the crappy job I had, working evening shifts. It may have been stress, but more often than not, it may have also been a headache from the lack of caffeine. Regular coffee drinkers will know what I’m talking about.

Until recently, I didn’t really know the effects of caffeine, especially when you quite drinking Coca-Cola. According to numerous websites, people can experience…

depressed mood
difficulty concentrating

Sure, pretty minor when compared to actual drugs that can be harmful. But to someone like me, who has never done drugs or drank, the withdrawal symptoms were surprising.

Some websites talked about curbing one’s caffeine in-take when trying to reduce or quit caffeine. But honestly, cold turkey is best.

Which is what I have done.

For most of my life, I have been an avid to heavy Coca-Cola drinker. In recent years, I’ve tried to cut back, only to go back to my old habits, or making up excuses to have a drink. But, having experienced the withdrawal symptoms, realizing what they were and from what, I didn’t want that any more. I didn’t want something I consumed to control me.

Sure, I still have a sweet-tooth, and consume junk food, both of which make me fat. But one bad habit at a time, ok?! sheesh!

Anything we are addicted to can be overcome. Whether it be smoking, drinking, hard drugs, shoes, or whatever. In my opinion, the key is seeing the harm it does to you and being fed up with what it does to us.

Those may be small words for people dealing with serious addiction. If you are reading this, and fighting such a battle, don’t give up. There are people out there who want to help. There are true friends who want to support you. If it isn’t a battle you can’t endure alone, you need not be alone. Remember that.

For those who scoff at people with addictions, saying stupid shit like “Just quit!” or “It can’t be that hard.” To people who think places like Methadone clinics and pop-up injection sites are bad things or encourage drug abuse, get your head out of your ass, read about the pros and cons of both, and think about the lives that could be saved versus the families that could lose loved ones.


Sorry about the end of my blog. But ignorant people who mock the importance of places and programs that aid drug addicts really piss me off.


PS: I’ve only gone a week without Coca-Cola. I’ll go as long as I can. Eventually, I’ll have to have one… what else should I drink at a restaurant?

BTW: to certain people in my life who, after reading this, may pipe-up about how they kept telling me about how bad Coca-Cola was… and not in a good, positive way, but in a “I know better than you so you should listen to me” kind of way. I’m sure you other readers may know someone like this, who, after telling them something positive you are trying to do with your life will laugh and tell you that it is a waste of time. You know, THAT kind of person.

Well, to them, you can fuck right off. 🙂



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