Discipline, Productivity & Patience

Happy New folks!

It’s usually this time of year I blog something positive about the future, about setting goals, and a bunch of other shit that I never do.

Why? Why do we set ourselves up to fail? We set goals for ourselves to accomplish because we want to be better people, live healthier lives, and change our lives for the better.

That’s great and all, but let’s be realistic. So many of us are not going to succeed in our New Year’s Resolution. Don’t get me wrong, there are some out there who are successful… for a time. Then they have a set-back… then another. Then suddenly, they get all their old habits they were trying to break back and feel like failures.

And THAT is the reason we fail. We let the failure win. We have a set-back and start thinking that this is all a waste of time. That the thing we are striving for is pointless if we already failed. If we failed once, we’ll fail again, so why even bother.


That is NOT the way to think. If we are making any kind of changes in our lives, it will be hard. No matter how needed the change is, or how much we want to change, it is not easy. NOT EASY!

Failure will happen.

Set-backs will occur.

You WILL feel disappointed.


“…it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”
― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

I loved that scene in “Rocky Balboa” I loved his whole speech. But the part above if the important part of it, and I think it fits into wanting change in our lives. We can be hit with failures and set-backs, but we have to keep going, keep getting up, keep re-committing, keep fighting for the changes we want.

Discipline. Productivity. Patience.

Theses are, for me, the three things that I’m going to keep in mind this year.


Late last year, I accomplished something I didn’t think possible. I cut down my Coca-Cola consumption from 2-6 cans a day to one bottle a week! For me, that is a huge deal. I’ve been drinking Coca-Cola all my life. But I knew I was drinking waaay too much. That fact that I was able to accomplish this showed me that I did have the discipline to do something for myself, for the better, even if there were times it was difficult… and gave me days of caffeine headaches. If I had the discipline to do that, then I can muster the discipline to do more.

I can make sure that every night, after work, I get on the computer and work on whatever writing projects and ideas that need to be worked on. I know what needs toi be done, I just have ensure I do it.

I will also watch what I eat. I will cut down on the size of my meals, try to eat better meals, and indulge once a week at the most, not every night after a crappy day.

Another thing I have wanted to do more of is read. Sounds like an easy enough thing to do. But when I can waste a couple of hours watching a movie, I could read something. I have LOTS of stuff I’d like to read, so I will make time for that as well.



Productivity is more about my writing output. But I guess it can also mean being productive with my life, and not wasting as much time as I have been.

I have sooo many ideas and stories that I should be writing, but I always think of excuses to not do anything. I often think of all those successful writers who slaved away, thinking their stories would go nowhere, or finding the time between family, kids, work, etc. to sit down and write. I have a lot of time available to me that I have not been using properly.



Oddly enough, this may be the most important of these three words.

Whenever I’d set goals for myself, either in the New Year or sometime around September (which still feels like the beginning of something, thanks to all my years in school), I would be hard on myself, especially when I’d feel like I failed, or had a set-back. I’d beat myself up, curse myself for being lazy, and before you knew it, I’d be back to my old ways.

As I said before, failures will happen. How we deal with them is just like Rocky said.

We must allow ourselves to have set-backs and failures. They are made to remind us that we are not perfect, and we should never strive for perfection. But, we must, MUST re-commit ourselves to our goals. If we let our failures control us, then we have truly failed.

I’ve been lucky to have some positive changes towards the end of 2017. New car, new home, job security, a stronger sense of self, and dare I say it, some actual confidence in myself!

I want 2018 to be different. It has to be different. Because if it’s the same, then that will be the truest failure of all.


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