SarcasticusRex is the online name of creator/writer Mark MacKinnon.


A scriptwriter with ten years of experience under his belt, he has completed seven feature film scripts, with two more in progress and over ten that are in development (story outline, character development, etc.). Although his preferred genre is somewhere between action and science fiction, he enjoys creating a compelling story regardless of its roots in reality or not.


He has now transferred his story-telling skills to writing prose. He has written two short story serials; “Pry” and “Irregulars: Origins of the Species”. He has also completed his first novel “The Black Wave Event” or “BWE” for short. Originally published online as a collection of loosely connected stories, he has complete overhauled the original story. He has added new chapters, new characters, more depth, more connectivity between chapters, and expanding on the mythology of this world that was only touched on in the original version. This has created a more epic introduction to his super fiction multiverse, known as the Infinatum.


He is also constantly developing new ideas and stories that could be developed for a wide variety of mediums, including feature film, television, comics (traditional and motion), and short stories.


When asked about his diverse writing style, specifically his script-writing, he said…

“My personality often bleeds into my writing style. My comedic writing stylings tend towards slapstick, goofy, and slightly the other side of normal. But I like to throw in something topical and witty to keep readers guessing. When writing horror/ thrillers, I go dark, brutal, and disturbing. Delving into the psychology of the characters can be the most chilling story of all. Writing action movies is easy. Writing action movies with substance, likeable or interesting characters, showing the readers something different or putting a twist on a classic, that’s hard. An action movie is just a drama or a comedy cranked up a bit. That is what I strive for.

“Science fiction/ Fantasy are probably my favourite genres. My thirst for knowledge inspires me. Whether it be the various disciplines of science, astronomy, history, mythology, and the things in-between, they are the fuel that drives my creative engine. They always take me to places I never thought I could dream of.

“Regardless of the genre, I always try to inject that extra little something that puts my stamp on it. Quirky humor, even if it’s just one line, in a serious scene. Shining hope amid a character’s bleak darkness. Paying homage to those that inspired me, whether it be well-known or obscure. The end result being a story that pulls the reader along, makes them think, scares them, makes laugh, but most importantly, makes them care.

“If they don’t care, then they won’t watch. The same goes for writing flash fiction, short stories, and anything else. If they don’t care, they won’t read.”


Stay Tuned for hashtags related his any new work: #Infinatum #BWE #TalesfromtheInfinatum #IrregularsOotS

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All Original Stories and Characters Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.