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Enter the Infinatum

The Infinatum was created by Mark MacKinnon.


His inspiration for this multiverse came from various ideas that captured his imagination. Superhero comic books, anthropomorphic characters, science fiction, mythology, parallel dimensions, alternate history, conspiracy theories, and much more, all of which can be found in his story ideas and characters.


He started with basics, comic book-type characters, and a world inspired by his love of Marvel, DC and other comic books. As he grew from teenager to adult, his characters grew with him, gaining depth and complexity. His inspiration as an adult came from various mediums, and specific writers, including Joss Whedon, Luc Besson, Dwayne McDuffie, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Kelly, Mark Millar, Kevin Smith, and Shane Black, to name a few.





Mark’s greatest achievement thus far was a novel set in the Infinatum, called the Black Wave Event. A story that spanned eons and dimensions, it told the story of the end of our world and how various characters either played a significant role in the event, or how they dealt with the world’s impending demise.


He has also written and posted two short story serials set in the Infinatum.IrregularsOotScover



“Irregulars: Origin of the Species” revealed the origin of the beings known as Irregulars, animals genetically altered into human form, while retaining their animalistic characteristics. It told the story through the creator of the process, Dr. Osaka Lo, as well as his rise and fall.







“Pry” featured Andreas Pry, a bounty hunter, bodyguard, jack-of-all-trades-for-hire living in the post-BWE Las Vegas. Along with her irregular Great Dane sidekick aptly named Dane, and her telepathic German Shepard/ Husky mix, Fen. Through the course of story, she began to discover that the past she had tried to hard to keep secret was slowly coming to light.




The following, titled “The Infinatum Defined” outlines the difference between the Infinatum and other super fiction/ comic book universes, as well as outlining the basic writing/ story rules of the world.


“The majority of mainstream comic books characters have been around for decades, specifically Marvel and DC Comic characters. The population of the world they inhabit have become accustomed to the existence of these costumed characters. What I want to do with the Infinatum is to start from the beginning. But instead of meeting these characters back in the 1930’s, we do it in the 21st Century, in the wake of the Black Wave Event.

“I want to mix the wonder, confusion and fear of seeing these powerful beings with the mentality and technology of our current society. But is won’t be just from the general population’s point of view. It will be from the people who are directly affected by this, humans and irregulars. Like any good comic book, TV series or movie, the characters are defined by who they are, not the powers or abilities they have. Many of the best in their respective mediums seem to follow this belief and the Infinatum will be no different. I believe their powers should almost be secondary to the character, how they develop, and exist in their world.

“The Infinatum also has one advantage that many other comic book-related stories don’t, the irregulars. They aren’t a new step in human evolution, or enhanced humans, they are a completely different species. Although they were animals, they have been genetically altered to be animal/human, bipedal hybrids. They are still animals, with all the instincts and skills from their previous forms. Add to that the capacity for complex thoughts and emotions. While some may embrace their new existence, others revolt against what they have become. Besides being a metaphor for racism, it has the potential to be taken to a whole different level. Instead of racism, perhaps “species-ism”. Also added to this is the belief that humans exhibiting powers as a result from the Black Wave Event (BWE) are lumped in with irregulars. How would a human being be affected by this? How would the world’s population deal with such beings? If irregulars aren’t human, do they have rights? Do human irregulars have rights? Would there be pro and anti-irregular groups? From basic civil rights to living a normal life, these are just a few of the many questions and topics that add needed realism to the stories and characters in a world that is vast and fantastic.

“A common theme throughout the Infinatum is what defines a hero. Many of the popular comic book characters deal with this, but since most are ingrained into the core audience and culture, them questioning their role is almost moot. I wouldn’t classify my characters as “heroes”. They are people trying to deal with their own situation as best they can. Like many people, some want to do good with the skills they have. But true heroes just don’t wake up and become so. They are forged over time, from loss, experience and selfless courage. Many of my characters want nothing to do with being a hero, while others seek it out, not truly knowing it’s true meaning. It is these paths that greats stories and strong characters will come from.

“Being a comic book-styled world, there are a few things in the Infinatum that differ from others of their genre.

“In the Infinatum, “Costumes” is a four-letter-word. I prefer “uniform”. But for this world, the whole concept of spandex-wearing super beings doesn’t work for me. That’s not to say there will be no characters with flashy uniforms. All it means is that the uniform will be based on either it’s functionality or a reflection of the character’s origin (military, alternate dimension, government agent, etc.).

“In the Infinatum, death is the end. This is a point I can’t stress enough. So many comic book characters have had significant deaths that were powerful and poignant, only to be brought back to either boost sales or for shock value. Not in the Infinatum. When a character dies, they are dead! D-E-A-D, dead! As a writer, this adds a serious amount of gravitas to any situation where a character is near death or killed. Knowing that they will never come back makes their death that more important and realistic.

“The true stars of the Infinatum are the characters. The Regulators, DEVils, The ASI, Wolf Eyes, Kin, Seven and many more, most of which have been around for over fifteen years, while others are more recent creations. At last count there were nearly two hundred characters, most of which have detailed descriptions and histories. Regardless of age, one thing they all share is a realistic existence within their expansive world, all of which is reflected in who they are. Each group or character has had a different path that has led them to this point. Their view of the world, their history, and personality all affect each character differently, even if their goals are the same. It is these differences that can make for some serious disagreements and clashes, even for those in the same group.

“With such a diverse cast of characters, each with a distinctive voice and path, it is my hope that readers will identify or see parts of themselves in these creations. ”


All Original Stories and Characters Copyrighted © 2003 Mark James MacKinnon. Any use of these characters, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental.